The Do’s And Don’ts To Consider For Modifying The Car

There’s a thin line between a “car” and a “cool car”. That thin line is- Car modifications! All over the world, car owners are becoming more enthusiastic about car modifications. Yes! Who doesn’t want to add a personal element to their four-wheels! You would also find plenty of options on where to get the car modified from, however, practicality is important too.

Enthusiasts are getting experimental with all aspects of the vehicle starting from base looks to critical elements like suspension, wheels, and even the brakes. Modifying your car is not a child’s play as it may involve decisions that don’t only affect the looks and performance of your car but also your safety. So, if you are looking to modify your car, here are certain dos and don’ts that could help you make a better decision.

Whether you are upgrading something as basic as the sound system of your car or doing a complete transformation in terms of the engine and looks, always consult a car care specialist. Being in touch with experts like Automoda could prove to be a great idea. Their ample experience and expertise can help you understand the specifications that won’t upset your comfort or the legal authorities either. Yes, different countries have different rules on how far you can go with your modifications. In this article, we look at the common Dos and Don’ts for a vehicle prying on Australian roads. However, please note that these rules may vary from one state to another, thus, it’s always advised to seek the help of professionals.


One of the first things that most of us want to play with is the exhaust system of our cars. No matter how much you love that loud roaring sound, there is a legal aspect involved as pollution levels get effected when car exhausts are touched.

Do: Go for free-flowing performance cats that make the car sound extra powerful while cleaning out harmful emissions. A badly-designed or a poorly-fitted system might lead to the severe underside and engine damages.

Don’t remove the catalytic converters as this could make driving the vehicle illegal. Here are the details about exhaust and emission regulations in Sydney.


The suspension of a car is an area that offers a lot of scope for experimentation.

Do: Check the road conditions depending upon where you ride more often. If you like off-roading, reducing car suspension might result in the engine and inner machinery touching the roads and thus, getting severely damaged.

Don’t fiddle with the suspension of your car without checking with the manufacturer or experienced specialists. If you pull the suspension higher up, intricate wires may run into the risk of short-circuiting, thus, to make sure that you do not invest in any irreversible damages, always bets to handle the suspension with an expert’s help.

Window Tinting:

According to Australian regulations for vehicle window tinting, it is commonly accepted to have a car window tint of no less than 35% Visible Light Transmission (VLT). Both 35% and 50% VLT are legally suitable for vehicle windows with no existing tint. Here is a region-wise list of tint acceptability.

Dos: Go for tints on rear side windows as it ensures optimal privacy. Getting a darker tint offers benefits like relief from the sun in the blazing Australian summers.

Don’t go for very dark tints, as they may lead to reduced visibility in diminished lighting setups. Stay away from poor quality or heavily laminated tint, as they may end up scratching the glass on your window panes.

Car entertainment:

This is a progressive need for many of us. Even if we are driving smaller cars, we love getting things like touchscreens, sophisticated speakers and booming woofers. Something as basic as a USB and Bluetooth connectivity could make driving an old car delightful.

Do: Buy equipment from reputed brands as they do you better, compared to the base-fitted stereo assembly in the car. The aftermarket offers great units that are better than the inbuilt, and as it turns out, it’s cheaper too!

Don’t install any screens. It is illegal to play moving images within view of the driver so stick to DVD players in the headrests for rear passengers or only play shows on the front unit while stationary or you may be charged a fine.







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