The Role of Cannabis in Reducing Anxiety and Panic Attacks

There is several evidence that indicates that marijuana can be useful in the treatment of anxiety and similar ailments. Of the two primary chemicals present in cbd cannabis, namely THC and CBD, both engage the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD, especially, has attracted attention concerning its anxiolytic properties, implying that it possesses soothing characteristics that can moderate anxiety levels. THC is psychoactive and thus induces the feeling of being high; unlike CBD which makes it suitable for many who seek anxiety relief solutions but do not wish to be high. 

It is easy to obtain these products from a recreational Cannabis dispensary where one is likely to find several strains of many formulations.

Is It Possible: Cannabis for Panic Attacks?

Panic attacks involve severe, sudden incidences of fear that can hinder a person’s normal functioning. Some people have reported relief and reduction of symptoms when using marijuana products especially Cannabidiol. 

The relaxation effects of CBD therefore come in handy in the management of the acute features of panic attacks which may include things such as increased rate of breathing, perspiration, and breathlessness. 

CBD prevents serotonin reuptake in the brain, which means that it may cause mood stabilization and reduce the intensity of a panic attack. As much as some attest to gaining relief from the use of cannabis, it is essential to understand that everyone’s response can be different and it is recommended to seek the advice of a healthcare provider.

Does Marijuana Cure Anxiety in the Long Run?

Cannabis for managing anxiety which is a subject of study in the current world. Although, it could provide some temporary relief for anxiety disorders; it is not a cure.

The treatment for anxiety is therefore usually a long-term issue that involves therapy, exercising, changes in diet and very occasionally medication. Thus, cannabis has the potential to be an adjunct to other therapy interventions and not as an exclusive method of treating anxiety.


CBD in particular and cannabis in general, has an obvious and promising effect on anxiety and panic disorders. However, there are differences within the responses and extra precautions should be taken in order to achieve its safe and efficient usage. To obtain the best results, people suffering from anxiety should seek assistance from healthcare workers, and address concerns physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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