The Transition of Pharma Marketing From Traditional To Digital Ads

Pharmaceutical marketing is a huge business that continues to expand with no end in sight. It has increased by almost 70% in the past 20 years with close to $30 billion being spent on it every year. The true question though is whether or not the current methods will continue to work as the world continues to transition into the digital age. Many companies are now moving away from traditional direct to consumer ads and moving into pharma digital marketing to try and recapture some of those lost customers. Many more people have smartphones and access to the internet making it far easier and often less expensive to expand into the digital world.

Changing World

As the world moves towards a more digital lifestyle every day, many industries are changing their focus from traditional ads to digital ones. Digital marketing for pharma companies is no different. Patients today are seeking newer and easier methods to address their health problems. Social media, cloud computing, mobile technologies, and the Internet of Things are just a few of the new technologies disrupting healthcare today. Pharma digital marketing companies such as Moonraker AI are recognizing the amazing opportunity that these tools can help to monitor a patient’s health and supply instantaneous personalized feedback that can improve outcomes. Taking advantage of these disruptive technologies and making minor changes to marketing strategies such as digital marketing for pharma companies can have an enormous impact on performance and growth.

Social Marketing

Social marketing has been a key driver in changing the publics’ health behavior for many years. It is an extremely efficient tool for delivering information in ways that create behavioral change. This means that pharmaceutical companies need to take a more holistic approach to how they advertise their medicine. It is no longer a good idea to focus on the positive and negative effects of a certain drug. Instead, they must look into the cultural, economic, social, and ethical impacts of their medicine and use this knowledge for a more personalized approach.

Providing the Right Information

Almost 85% of patients think they can access the online information they need and take full responsibility for their health. This makes it more important than ever for pharmaceutical companies to influence and inform people with the right information. This ease of information flow can also open up many opportunities for pharma digital marketing. This shift in types of communications such as patient portals, virtual care, and online resources can be a great opportunity in digital marketing for pharma companies by increasing engagement capabilities. For pharmaceutical companies to survive into the digital age they need to engage with patients. Especially those that are increasingly more aware of their health and concentrating more on holistic health results. This means using the right avenues to provide the right information, the use of behavioral knowledge to bring specific drugs to market, and expanding their capabilities beyond drugs to focus more on continuous patient relief. Pharma digital marketing is one surefire way to keep your organization on the upward climb and relevant in today’s world. Please visit here for more details:

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