This Is Not A Drill! How You Could Get the Highest Price for Your Used Car

Selling a car in Australia you will need gather the necessary documents, set an asking price, advertising your used car and even communicate or negotiate with potential buyers. Of course, there will be many ways to sell your car, but choosing the best option is not easy as it thought. It can be a daunting task, especially if you have no experience before. Everybody will agree that setting the best price to attract the potential buyers is the hardest part of the process. Whether you’re time poor, want to get the best Cash for Car Sydney wide, or want to trade–in on a new or used car, one of these options will be the right for you.

Sell your car privately

Before you start advertising your car, you need to know what is the asking price based on the car’s market value. You also need to photograph it from your buyers’ perspective. Document all the details buyers might want to know. Selling car privately definitely give you more space and freedom to set and negotiate the best price with your potential buyers. You can advertise your car in many online sites. Once you have listed it, and have given potential buyers all the required information, you will need to make yourself available for potential buyers to view the car.

Collect your paperwork

You will need your car’s title, which gives you the legal right to sell the car. This is also called the pink slip; it gives you the legal right to sell your used car.

Set your asking price

Estimate the value of your car so you can set an attractive “asking price” for your used car. Set your price and make sure to ask free cars removal Sydney wide slightly above the current market value but still in the ballpark of a good deal. This leaves you some negotiating room.

Prepare your cars appeal

For a couple of hundred dollars you can have your car cleaned from top to bottom. Make sure you clean in all the hard to get at areas, like door openings, boot openings, and the engine bay. Never leave anything lying around the interior or boot, which would make your car look untidy in the eyes of the buyer. If you’re a smoker clean the ashtray and lighter and make sure the interior doesn’t smell of cigarette smoke. There’s no better way of putting a buyer off than to show them a car that smells of tobacco. If it does smell, get a deodorizer and leave it in the car for a week or two before advertising it in the hope the smell will go away. Don’t leave the deodorizer in the car when showing it to a potential buyer.

Take the best photo for your ad

When uploading your images to your ad, try to place them in a logical order, and make sure none are upside down. Try to shoot early in the morning, late in the afternoon or when it’s overcast to avoid harsh shadows that can hide details.

Selling to a dealer is an option for those who are time poor, or want to trade-in on another car. It’s quick and mostly stress free. But still, before you approach a dealer, do your research to get an idea what your car is worth as a trade-in.

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