Tips for Buying a Shade Sail This Summer

As summer approaches, people everywhere spend more time outside. They set their backyard to spend afternoons with their family and enjoy outdoor entertainment. But when you are out in the hot weather, you also need to find protection from the sun. What’s better than a stylish shade sail for this purpose? If you live in an area characterised by predominantly wet weather, you need to look for waterproof shade sails in different colours and sizes that can be used around swimming pools, schools, and playgrounds. Here are some points worth knowing as you plan to buy a specific one for yourself.

Plan Rightly

You need to pay attention to your area’s layout and how you want to use the shade sail. Bear in mind that the sun’s angle will alter during the day. So, the amount of coverage the sail provides will also vary. Consider how you will use the space throughout the day. Assess the following factors:

  • The time you’ll use the shade sail.
  • How you may be using the sail in various seasons.
  • The shape of the sail will best fit the needs of the space.
  • Why do you require coverage?

For instance, children require protection from the sun throughout the day. So, if you are installing a shade sail for a children’s play area, you need to keep that in mind.

Design and Colour

A shade sail should work for the outdoor area you desire to be shaded. That’s why you need to consider the sun’s movement in the summer months while you fix points for the sail. Additionally, having a sail with dynamic design functionalities can boost the overall appeal of the sail structure. It’s also vital to find a colour that complements the colours present in the surrounding of the proposed sail structure. You can find shade sails in various colours. So, choosing one shouldn’t be difficult.

Know about the Material

The weight of the material from which the sail is made determines its quality. If the density of the fabric is higher, the strength of the sail will also be more significant. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a fabric used in architectural membranes, car park shelters, and fabric structures. It is a water-resistant material, which is also used in making shade sails. This fabric of waterproof shade sails can withstand fluctuating weather conditions. Such shade sails provide shelter from heavy rains as well as UV radiation.

Know About the Warranty

If something happens to the sail structure before its warranty ends, it’s crucial to have the company that installed it replaced or compensated. Every shade cloth producer will have a conditional warranty for the fabric type they produce. Shade sail companies also have their specific warranty, and it covers the sail and the structure supporting it.

Fixing the Shade Sail

Shade sails are subject to summer winds. Hence, they need to have secure fixing points. At the same time, they should get installed by qualified tradesmen. Some accessories required to fix the sail are

  • Carabiner clips
  • Turnbuckles
  • Cables
  • Pulley and reel systems
  • Stainless steel, steel, wooden, or aluminium poles
  • Studs and bolts
  • Wall plugs

Choose a sail that fits your stylistic and functional needs. It would help to pay close attention to its material. Consider the various factors given above to purchase a quality shade sail that allows you and your family to spend relaxing time outdoors.

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