Tips in Choosing Solar Panel System for Your Home

With a land area of almost 7.7 million square meters, Australia is both the smallest continent and the sixth-largest country in the world. Australia’s closeness to the equator also lets it get the most direct rays of the sun, which makes the country have almost 280 to 300 sunny days in a year. 

If you are an Australian homeowner, it would be foolish of you to not take advantage of the abundance of sunlight that you are receiving. You can make use of all the available sunlight that you are given by purchasing solar panels in Australia and use them as your home’s source of energy. However, purchasing a home solar power system can be a very expensive investment. It is important to consider every aspect of your decision first before investing. Here are some tips on how to choose a solar power company for your home. 

Recommendations and Testimonials

There are a lot of companies in Australia competing in the solar panel industry. If you are going to compare all of these companies with each other, you may get more confused. It is a good practice to look at the testimonials of satisfied customers on their websites. However, testimonials on company websites may have already been filtered to show only the positive ones. The best way is to ask recommendations from friends and relatives that already have solar power systems in their homes. 

How Long Do They Guarantee Their Products?

You can be sure if the solar panels in Australia being sold are coming from a reputable company if they can provide you with a long warranty. The minimum warranty period that should be given to solar panels is 25 years. However, for the warranty period to be honoured, the manufacturer of the panels must still be existing and operating. It is therefore important to look at the panels’ manufacturers history and track records. They should have been in the industry for a long time or have a track record of having large clients.

Be Realistic in Your Price Expectations

There are times when you need to choose the least costly choices for you to get your money’s worth. However, choosing a solar panel for your home is not one of those times. If a company offers you a substantially lesser quotation for a panel installation as compared to other similar systems, then you may be paying for poor equipment or poor installation quality. If you fancy your solar energy system to last, purchase your solar panels in Australia from companies that may offer you discounts but not give you low quotations to get your business. Remember, quality equipment and installation mean premium pricing.

Solar Panel Certifications

Australia has given incentives and rebates to homeowners that will purchase certified solar panels in Australia. For example, the State of Victoria offers rebates of up to $2,225 for installing a certified solar panel system for your home. It is therefore important to check for government rebates which will lessen your overall investment on your solar panels. 

The Type of Panel and Mounting

Mounting solar panels in your home is an expensive investment. It is therefore important to first discuss with different solar panel manufacturers about the options for installing a system in your home. There are different types of panels and mounting to choose from. Listen carefully to the options and choose the one that you think will be best suited for the type of roof that you have and where your home is located. 

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