What to Look for in an Assisted Living Home

An assisted living home is an ideal place for individuals having difficulties living independently. It is considered a safe, secure, comfortable, and caring environment for older adults.

However, it is overwhelming to determine a high-quality facility that will meet your needs and that of your loved ones. Here are some factors to consider before choosing an assisted living home:

Assess Your Needs

Assessing your needs is the first step in the process of choosing a suitable facility. You will have to list all your requirements and evaluate all the available facilities based on your needs.


The location of the facility is a top priority for the majority of people. Ideally, the objective is to remain close to your loved ones. You can choose an assisted home within your locality if the family plans to visit their loved ones more often.

Available Services

Brightview assisted living near Forest Hill living is distinguished by the level of assistance they provide. Generally, most facilities offer housekeeping, wellness programs, dining services, and medication support. Some provide specialized services based on your health needs.

It is very important to consider the facility’s specific services to determine whether you or your loved ones will fit well into the environment.


Although the facility’s size can be a concern to different people, the staff-to-resident ratio is a major factor. Choose a facility with enough staff to offer personalized care. The general attitude of the staff should also be welcoming.

How Emergency Services Are Handled

When determining the right assisted living home, it’s a good idea to inquire about how the staff in the facility handles emergencies. This process reveals how the staff makes decisions in the institution. Also, check whether the facility notifies the family immediately in case of an urgent situation.


Assisted living homes can be expensive. However, they are more affordable than in nursing homes. The cost of assisted living varies depending on several factors: services offered, design, size, and amenities in the facility.


It is important to sample a meal offered in the facility to determine if it is tasty and nutritious. Most people in assisted homes usually depend on the meals provided in the facility. In addition, you can decide to stay overnight to assess how the staff treats their residents.

Housekeeping and Laundry

Typically, cleaning and laundry services are offered at assisted homes. It is advisable to have a look at the housekeeping schedule and routine services. Besides, inquire about any extra charges or add-on cleaning services.

Activities Offered in the Facility

Check the upcoming activity schedule for activities that would interest you or your loved one. You may want to consider any hobbies or social activities offered onsite.

Socializing is significant as it allows people of the same age to feel comfortable. You can also check whether there is a chapel, library, recreational center, or a gym that will help clients stay active.

Medical Services

It will be a good idea to check whether the facility offers free transportation to the doctor. In some assisted homes, a doctor or medical personnel may be available. You can also investigate the steps followed when a patient’s health deteriorates.

Accreditation or License

If you live in a state where assisted homes are licensed, you may want to look at the inspection reports.

Besides, asking for proof of staff qualifications will help you feel comfortable with your elderly loved one’s care level.

It is essential to ensure that every aspect of your loved ones’ well-being is guaranteed.

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