Top 3 Reasons Why Microsoft Should Be the Cybersecurity Ally Of Your Business

In this day and age, every person in the world knows about phishing and other cybersecurity threats. Yet most people believe that they are too smart to be a victim of these cybercrimes. Still, over 700 million individuals became victims of some type of cybercrime in 2018 alone. Some cyberattacks made a person’s computer become an element of a bot network without their knowledge, while others suffer financial losses due to the cyberattack. It propelled the creation of microdot security solutions to help individuals and businesses avoid cybersecurity breaches. 

Making sure that the stability of cybersecurity protections all the time is crucial for safety. If you fail to invest in the best Microsoft security solutions available, you may either encounter stolen data, deal with reputational damages, or suffer financial disasters. 

Here are five reasons why your enterprise must think about working with Microsoft to handle cybersecurity threats:  

Reason #1: Intense Commitment To Cybersecurity

Microsoft showed its dedication to improving their security measures by investing more than $1 billion in cybersecurity research and development annually since 2017. The American technology giant invested heavily in securing their core technologies like Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, and Microsoft Azure. The company also made strategic acquisitions of companies that develop security technologies that provide better security on Microsoft products. 

Also, Microsoft has a pool of highly skilled engineers, software researchers, forensics experts, data scientists, and threat hunters who all work together to ensure that the products and services will deflect any cyberattacks. The company also has a dedicated global incident response team that works all day and night to help customers recover from any cyberattack. 

Reason #2: Comprehensive Secure Approach

Microsoft utilises a three-fold security approach used by its customers for the digital transformation of their business. This approach includes having a holistic platform, wide intelligence, and broad partnerships. 

Holistic Platform – Microsoft’s platform looks complete across all the essential confines of the current cloud and mobile world. By incorporating better security in Microsoft’s products and services from the start, the company can provide a complete and agile platform to provide better protection for your organisation. 

Wide Intelligence – Microsoft is always known for having vast intelligence based on many security-related-signals from their individual and business customers. They can also investigate the present threats and vulnerabilities and publish all the advancements in Microsoft security solutions regularly on the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR). 

Broad Partnerships – Since Microsoft is deeply committed to addressing the entire cybersecurity problem, they work with some of the best partners. The latter can help them improve the cybersecurity standards in the industry. They also ensure that they can keep up with specific customer demands and other essential industry regulations. 

#3: Stronger Customer Interaction

The Redmond, Washington tech giant has a hardworking team called the Enterprise Cybersecurity Group formed to engage with customers worldwide regularly. The team is tasked to educate all customers to teach them about Microsoft’s cybersecurity services and methods. 

This team also works with other cybersecurity divisions within the company, like the Cloud & Enterprise Security, Digital Crimes Unit, and Digital Risk and Security Engineering teams, to come up with an extensive cybersecurity executive briefing centre (EBC) experience. 

Microsoft’s commitment to providing a high level of cybersecurity for all their clients can help your company reduce the risk for any cybercrime attacks. You may also consult with a third-party managed security services provider to help your business maximise the benefits offered by Microsoft’s complete security solutions.  

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