Travel with passion and get the right help on the same

Passion for travelling resides in every heart but there are people who cannot make it. Reasons for failure can be ample but in many cases the problem is associated with budget. In some cases people cannot identify the places. So to solve these issues we popped with a new idea. Actually, the idea was different but it got better with time.

Generally it is seen that people check reviews and news before going to a place. However, the facts prove that news many times provide horrific information which changes the mind. Since we are a travel couple so we decided to create a place where people can easily check out the actual information and this helped us in creating a blog.

What we noticed?

The first thing that we stated above about horrific and completely sensational news always turned out to be true. However, this was not in the case of travel stories. Yes, this was not the case because friends and relatives share only positive experiences which are real.

These stories also provide the basic and important details that help the folks while traveling to the described location. This is the main element that provided us the idea and it actually helps the folks to watch the world with a different view.

The collection project Erika-

As stated earlier, that stories explain better but just a single story cannot provide everything. Due to this we started collecting the stories. These were the real experiences but still a deep analysis is required so that a perfect story can be framed easily.

These stories were completely based on the actual living standards of the cities where the travelers have been. Apart from this, it also highlighted the elements which helped the people. The blogs were also based on the same standards.

Travelling stories-

It is not that we collect stories only from the experienced travelers but also from the travelers who are newbies. For this we have to travel to many places so that people can get the best. Even the journalists who have already published the stories and experiences are counted in the collection process.

There are three main prompts that are being used by us and they are the structure of the website.

  • The area or country where the person grew up.
  • What is the current living location?
  • Which city or country they travelled?

The above points helps in collecting genuine stories.

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