Understand The Background Of Vibration Chambers

Vibration Chambers are a generator block which is added by the applied energistics 2 mod. The burning of solid fuel is used to generate AE energy to start up the ME network directly or via charging energy cells which are usually recommended. The power of the generation capacity of the vibration chamber is 1/10 AE/t depending on the energy used by the network devices. The ETV-series vibration chambers of Envisys Technologies come with great performance having environmental test chamber, vibration shaker interface provision, HMI/PC PLC-based control system and much more. The chamber is designed with unique and convenient features.

Construction Of Vibration Chambers:

Vibration Chambers are constructed in the following way:

  • The bottom of the chamber has specially structured interchangeable hood consisting of an interface mechanism to couple with the shaker and chamber during the tests.
  • Chamber will tend to move up and down in vertical order via friction-free guided U channel and a wheel as well.
  • In order to move the chamber in horizontal order, it will be done manually using heavy and strong castor wheel in addition with railing.
  • ET-touch is for colour touch programmer.
  • It has RS-232, RS-485, USB, Ethernet, and USB host port.
  • The height adjustable specimen racks is yet another useful feature of this chamber.
  • Comes with cable ports too.
  • It has a built-in web server which allows remote monitoring and operation of the test chamber through any electronic gadget connected like PC or smart-phones.
  • The chamber is designed to meet various parameters like Temperature, Humidity which is optional and 3 Axis vibration controls which are very useful.

Features Of Vibration Chambers:

  • Communication and connectivity:

The in-built Ethernet capability allows the test chamber to be controlled by any remote device. It can be wired or wireless. The connection can be local or world wide web which provides an anytime and anywhere connectivity. The devices which can be used for connectivity are smart-phones, tabs, and PCs.

  • Convenience and Flexibility:

User convenience is of utmost importance; therefore the vibration chamber has real-time graphs which can be printed directly using a printer. A profile status view is used to provide the details of profiles with their stop date and time, similarly profile auto start allows profiles to start at a date, day and time as well. The help menu provides with the options of voice and provides text. Any language can be selected from the list providing various foreign languages like Spanish, French etc. All these features make the vibration chamber very convenient to use.

Summing Up:

The Vibration Chambers are very convenient to use but should be used with care. With all such feature as mentioned above, one can use this machine to their best of convenience and hence get the most out of it. Besides the testing service is also provided so that the machine doesn’t turn out to be defective even though if it happens it will be sent for rectification and a new one will be provided instead. The ETV series are prime products as they have so many features with ease of maneuvering and feasibility is pretty good as well.

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