Unit Air Conditioning Options

If you don’t have central air conditioning in your property then you are going to need to find the right air con option for you and the unit which you live in, naturally you will have to find the right fit for the size and limitations of the property that you are living in. When it comes to air conditioning there are plenty of options to choose from depending on your requirements and each has its own benefits and disadvantages. Here we are going to take a look at what each of these options are, and how they can help you to stay cool when living in a unit property.

Window Mounted

Window units are mounted on the exterior of your window, they are ideal for cooling small spaces such as a bedroom or a bathroom and ideal for a property such as a unit. The system is installed using a supporting bracket and then sealed to avoid cool air leaving back through the window. Whilst these are a great option for those who are looking to cool a small space, they are not without their drawbacks. Window units can often be very noisey, which can put some people off buying them and they are of course limited in terms of the space that they can cool. Finally, many people find them to be quite unsightly from the outside. On top of this, living in a unit is likely to only offer a few windows which may not be perfectly positioned to allow for a window mounted AC unit to work at its optimum.

Split System

Split system aircon involves two units being installed on the property, one of those units will be placed outside and then that will be connected to a unit inside the property which will provide your cooling. This is an air conditioner which is easy to install and doesn’t require professional installation, it is also appealing because of the fact that it has the power to cool multiple spaces and is very silent, making it a great choice for a unit property. The downside with this option can be that there is little exterior space for you to play with, given that it needs to be installed close to the main power source.

Portable Units

If you don’t need air conditioning all year round, then a portable unit may be just what you need. These units simply plug in and cool the room. These can be low cost and whilst they are extremely limited in terms of what spaces they can cool, they are great for occasional use in a small space such as a unit.

Since the space you are going to be cooling is small, it still makes sense to try and get the most efficient air conditioning system possible. Consider you limitations in terms of installing the air con system and consider how much you want to spend when buying an AC unit, as this will also be a big factor in which brand, model and system which you purchase.

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