Ways to Help Teens Feel Good about Themselves

Being a teenager is one of the toughest times in life. They aren’t a kid anymore, but they aren’t quite an adult yet. They are going through things they don’t understand like puberty. It can get them down if they let it. Here are some things to keep teens spirits up and keep them happy.

Physical Activity

Teens have a lot of energy. The best way to get rid of that energy is physical activities. Teens often have fun doing things like playing sports or exercising. Physical activity is good for their mental and physical health. It gives their mind something fun and positive. Along with keeping teens happy, physical activities give them something constructive to do. Filling their spare time with things like this make life easier and go by smoother.


One way to keep these teens happy is by talking to them. They don’t understand the importance of communication. They walk around, keeping their issues and questions to themselves. Doing so causes confusion and sometimes depression in their lives. They must have someone to talk to whenever they need to. Teens need to learn while they are coming into adulthood how to express their feelings. Openly communicated keeps their emotions from weighing on them.


Teens, just like anyone else, love to get rewarded. They are still trying to figure out how life works. They need to associate good behavior with rewards and bad behavior with consequences. Teens that have good grades and good behavior should be rewarded with things like money or whatever they like. Private schools are also a form of reward. Private school tuition in Atlanta doesn’t cost that much. If it’s in the budget, parents should consider it. Private school tuition in Atlanta is very affordable so look into it. Teens will appreciate being able to attend a big fancy private school. It is a privilege earned by getting good grades and behaving well.

Don’t Compare

Everyone compares themselves, but no one does it more than teenagers. While they are figuring out who they are, they often compare themselves to people they admire. They may say things like, “why can’t I look like that?”. Constantly comparing yourself can make you depressed and lower their self-esteem. It is okay for teens to admire people that are where they want to be in life but not to compare. They need to remember that they can’t be anyone but themselves, and that’s who they need to be. Instead of comparing teens should remind themselves of the qualities they like about themselves.

Stay Busy

Teens should have schedules planned for their week. They should have constructive things going on all the time. Teens love to have things to talk about with their friends. Extracurricular activities will give them that. It will also give them something to keep them excited. If they are busy doing things they love, it’s hard to be depressed or upset about small things. The activities they are involved in also helps shape the person they are becoming. It makes their teen life go by easier. Most teens with too much time on their hands, get into trouble trying to find stuff to do.


Teens are just trying to figure out life. They will go through hard times and think their life is ending. While they are in their teens, everything seems to matter. The smallest malfunction in their lives can turn into depression or bad decisions. Which is why they need to know how to stay happy. These tools will help them get through their teenage life with structure and ease.


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