Wear And Tear Signs That Indicate You May Need Joint Treatment

Your joints keep you moving. And, the better you move, the better you feel. You want to feel that your joints will keep moving well for you far into your older years, but many times this is not the case. Sooner or later, you may end up like many people. You find out that it’s a little harder to move, and, it is beginning to become painful, and it’s getting worse and worse. There is hope. As your joints wear and tear, you may need joint treatment to ease your pain and help you move better. Give joint treatment Georgia a call. They will sit with you and diagnose the extent of the wear and tear and discuss your treatment options.

Normal joint surfaces are covered with a smooth material. This material is called cartilage. Cartilage keeps cushions the joints and keeps your joints moving smoothly. Once this cartilage becomes thinner, it becomes harder to keep the joints moving smoothly and pain often sets in. This joint pain is often called osteoarthritis. This is a disease process that prevents the cartilage from becoming repaired, causing further joint degradation.

Osteoarthritis, or OA, has some very distinctive symptoms that can lead to further joint damage. If you are unsure about whether you may have OA, and since these symptoms build up over time instead of just showing up “out-of-the-blue’, read the symptoms and their descriptions below.

Joint pain after activity:

If you experience joint pain during an activity, or if you experience joint pain well after an activity has finished, then you may be experiencing OA. Well-cushioned joints don’t normally cause joint pain.

Joint swelling:

It’s not normal for joints to swell either during or after an activity. If they do, then you may be experiencing joint issues. If this occurs, then you may be a candidate for joint treatment. You will need joint treatment for the correct treatment for your specific condition.

Weakness of the muscles around a joint:

Muscles around a joint are to be strong, since this is an area of stress on the human body. If those muscles around a joint are weak, and they cannot carry the loads they used to , then you may be experiencing issues with your joints that can progress and cause even bigger problems.

Stiffness of the joints once an activity has been completed:

Usually after an activity people get a little rest. That’s normal. But, if you are resting and you experience joint stiffness, you would get that’s just from activity and it’s nothing to worry about. Not true. You could be experiencing symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. Now that’s a problem that can keep getting progressively worse without a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Osteoarthritis can affect different parts of the body in different ways. Here are some descriptions of how it can affect different parts of your body.

On the lower part of your body, your knees are especially vulnerable. This part of your body is a load-bearing part of your body and is associated with a lot of movement. With osteoarthritis, you will experience grinding of the joints that can cause severe pain and swelling even with light activity.

You big toes can become swollen and the ankles can become swollen and feel tender as well. This is another area of your body that is load-bearing. In fact, all the weight of your body rests on your feet.

Osteoarthritis is a “wear-and-tear” disease that affects people in their middle ages and up. If you or someone you know is affected with symptoms like these, call joint treatment Georgia for help.

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