After The Storm: What You Need To Know About Hiring A Water Damage Service Company

Water Restoration Company, East Baton Rouge

Water loss, something all homeowners and renters do not want to experience. Should this happen, knowing what to do can benefit those living in the home. First off, once a water loss has occurred, the priority is to remove any standing water. If water loss has occurred within the home due to a plumbing failure, it’s imperative that the water source be turned off at the main valve until a licensed plumber can assess the situation. When contacting the insurance company, ask questions. For instance, is ground water covered and what are insurance coverage limits if mold is found. If mold is found, is the restoration company able to remediate a mold loss. Note, that after damage, it is imperative that there is airflow throughout the home. Relative humidity must be kept down, due to mold thriving in the environment.

In terms of sewer line repair, you should know – the main sewer line is connected to your home’s lower lateral and transports waste to the city’s sewer. The city is responsible for sewer lines running. Otherwise, an entire neighborhood could be affected. Make sure your pipes are maintained as well. contact a professional plumber to fix your sewer lines.

Following getting the water damage and or water loss repaired, is hiring a company that will help repair the home. The quicker the water restoration company East Baton Rouge can be hired, the better the outcome will be for the homeowner. It will also help reduce losses to personal property and the losses to the home. There are important key points to know when hiring the water restoration company East Baton Rouge one question that needs to be asked is “Are the water techs are IICRC certified.” This certification is a course that is offered to be certified in water mitigation. The answer is yes, they are.

It’s important to note, that water company, East Baton Rouge has their own equipment. Water company, East Baton Rouge is certified and can help walk the owner through the process of water damage and or water loss. The quicker the water restoration company, East Baton Rouge can be hired, the outcome will greatly help reduce losses to personal property and the home

Sometimes, unbeknownst to the owner they hire a building contractor that is not trained or licensed when assessing any type of water damage. Years ago, when the economy crashed and owners stopped remodeling, construction companies sought out to find alternative ways to create revenue. Many times, within these construction companies, their primary focus is not on water mitigation. They are not trained nor licensed when assessing water damage. If the homeowner does not have available resources to find a restoration company, a reliable source of information can come from the homeowner’s insurance company and most times, they will have a list of companies certified in the needed area.

When hiring the company, take personal notes of what the water restoration company says and ask them questions. They do this for a living, they fully understand or have a sense of what the owner is going through. They are there to help and get everyone back into the home within a reasonable time, depending on the water damage and or loss.

Having to experience any type of water loss or water damage can be an extremely stressful process for everyone living in the home. Normal occurrences are that the residents are required to vacate the home during the time of repairs. Not knowing what to do or whom to contact for help is unfortunately not a rare occurrence. Many times, homeowners sign papers and water damage or water loss to their home is not something anyone thinks much about until it happens. Make a copy of the homeowner’s insurance documents and keep it safe. A parent’s home, a bank deposit box, or a trusted friends house. Having the policy on a computerized file is another good option.


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