What Happens To Your Property When You Don’t Clean Your Gutters

Gutters may seem to be ordinary components of your house that don’t need attention. But you require them to carry water from your home to a drainage area. If you don’t clean them, they’ll get clogged with foliage, stray trash, debris, and dirt overtime.

If you’re afraid to climb a ladder or don’t know how to clean the gutter yourself, you can always hire professionals from Bax clean gutter cleaning services to do the work for you. You don’t want them to break down and cause damage to your house.

Here’s what will happen to your property if you don’t clean your gutters.

  1. Roof Damage

When gutters accumulate debris, they’ll not drain water. As a result, the water will start collecting on the roof. The shingles that interact with the water will start breaking down faster than in other parts of the roof. If you don’t remove the debris in your gutter, the shingles will continue to absorb the water till they’re saturated. When they reach this point, they’ll damage the roof’s deck.

When your roof’s deck is damaged, water will seep into the house. As a result, your insulations and ceiling will be damaged. Annually cleaning gutters can help you to prevent damage to the roof, shingles, insulation, and ceiling.

  1. Weakened Foundation

One of the reasons for installing gutters is to divert water from the home. However, when dirt and debris accumulate on them, they’ll not do this job properly. Instead, the excess water will drip to the house’s foundation and make the soil shift. When the soil shifts, your foundation may crack.

Worse still, if water penetrates the crack and freezes, more cracks will develop. This will make your home prone to damage at any time. If the water is too much, it may cause a huge structural failure.

  1. Flooding In The Basement

Just like water can penetrate your foundation if the gutters are clogged, it may also get into your basement. Overflowing water will run at your house’s side and leak into the basement walls. You don’t want this to happen to your house because it’ll result in unpleasant smells, flooding, and mold growth.

If you haven’t waterproofed your basement, the running water may severely damage your home.

  1. Ice Build Up

When water stays in the gutter for long, it may freeze. When this happens, the added weight of the ice may make the gutters to sag. Sagged gutters aren’t nice because they’ll direct water to the wrong place. If you’re unlucky, the ice, water, and snow may cause cracks on your walls or roof and seep into the house.

Ice build-up may damage your fascia and soffits and make you incur additional costs. If neglected for long, the gutters may fall on your compound and create an ugly dent in the roof.

  1. Damaged LandScape

You need rain for your plants. But if clogged gutters combine with heavy rains, they may ruin your landscape. Clogged gutters don’t deliver water to the appropriate drainage points. As a result, excess water flows into the landscape. This water may wash away the sand, topsoil, and mulch. It may also kill trees, shrubs, and flowers. Regularly cleaning your guttersmay save your landscape.


Cleaning gutters may appear to be a meaningless task. But if you ignore it, you can expose your home to several dangers because water can be very destructive if not dealt with properly.

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