What is a Video Brochure and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Have you heard of the latest method of reaching your clients? It’s called a video brochure and it’s exactly what it sounds like. It is a brochure that your intended audience can physically hold in their hands, but instead of your traditional trifold piece of glossy paper, this brochure has an embedded LCD screen. So rather than skimming a few paragraphs of text and glancing at a couple of pictures, your client will watch an attention-grabbing film.

How can a video brochure revolutionize how you reach clients? Here are five ways it will revolutionize your marketing:

It will make you stand out from competitors

Most of your competitors have paper brochures to hand out. Some may send clients links to a promotional video, but you’ll be ahead of the pack if you hand your client something that delivers this all in one neat package.

It will show your client how much you are willing to invest in them

Printing a traditional brochure and handing it to someone is simple. It doesn’t cost you much, and your client knows this. And there is a high likelihood that it will soon end up in the trash bin. Handing your client a video brochure creates an entirely different scenario. In this case, your client feels as though they are receiving something valuable, and they’re less likely to quickly throw it out. And every time they look at it and replay your video, they will be reminded of your business and the relationship you are forming with them.

It will ensure your client doesn’t forget you

A video brochure is a novel item. And frankly, paper brochures just don’t stack up. If you are the only one to send them a video brochure, something they’ve probably never seen before, they’ll never forget you.

It will make it easier to reach your clients

Sending these brochures is actually easier than you might imagine. They can be mailed for approximately three dollars, making it simple and cost-effective to send them out to potential clients as they come on your radar.

It will strengthen your brand

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a film is worth ten thousand. A video (and one that they’re actually going to watch as opposed to that one in the link you send) incorporates sound, movement, and visuals that help define and communicate your brand. And the clearer your brand is, the more appeal it will be to the right clients.

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