What Is an Induction Cooktop Stove?

Cooking has advanced with new inventions and technologies been discovered today. If you are still stuck with conventional electronic cookers, then you might want to find out about this new cooker – an induction cooktop stove. One of the best ways to do this is by reading induction stove reviews to learn from other people’s experience and feedback from using them. Basically, an induction cooktop stove is a stove that makes use of electromagnetic fields to heat up a cooking pot or pan. The equipment is designed in such a way that it remains cool while heating up the cooking pan.

With an induction cooktop stove, users can be assured of safety while cooking and also be able to cook faster using this energy-efficient method. This is not a new concept in town – it has been around for many years and commonly used in commercial kitchens. However, they are now finding their way in common people’s homes. Here is detailed information of what induction cooktop stoves are…

Understanding the Induction Cooktop Stove

To understand the induction cooktop revolution, it is important to look at the experience we have had with conventional gas and electric stoves. Unlike these traditional options, the induction cooktop stove does not emit heat once it is turned on. On the contrary, this stove produces an alternating electric current that creates electric currents in the metal cooking vessel placed on it.

The induction cooktop stove has been a work in progress over the decades since the 1970s. It was somehow elusive to manufacturers but they seem to have gotten it right in recent times. With the ease of manufacturing and advancement in technology, the prices are gradually going down. This is especially when compared to the price range for gas cookers. For that reason, induction cooking appliances have become common in recent years.

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Why Use an Induction Cooktop Stove?

An induction cooktop stove is not just another new way of cooking food in the kitchen. It comes with a number of benefits to its users. So, what can you expect from using an induction cooktop stove? Here are good reasons why you should consider using it:

  • Its Cooks Food Fast. One of the reasons that the introduction of induction cooktops and their use has seen the light of the day is the ability to cook food fast. It takes 4 minutes less to boil water placed on an induction stove than in other cookers. The time saved when using this appliance can be of great value.
  • It’s safe to Use. The cooker comes with more advanced safety features that are available in gas and electric cookers. For instance, the stove will not start heating up until you have placed a metallic pan on it. This is a great feature that prevents potential burns and fire hazards.


  • Its accuracy is reliable. Its controls and response times are accurate that can ensure desired temperature settings and cooking results. There are enough controls to help in getting fine temperature adjustments. Ideally, induction cooktop stoves can be considered as a perfect combination of electric and gas solutions since its performance is comparable to that of gas cookers and as convenient as an electric cooker.



  • They are easy to clean. An induction cooktop stove has a sleek design free from any edges that can trap dirt inside. Its smooth top makes cleaning very easy. Again, spillovers can easily be cleaned because they don’t get baked on the cooker surface, which doesn’t get heated up.


Before buying an Induction Cooktop Stove…!

Even with the many benefits stemming from an induction cooktop stove, you need to take note of the following facts:

  • It costs more than other common cookers, based on the size, brand, and model.
  • The stove is designed for specific cookware, especially those with high metal content. That means you may be forced to replace your cookware in case the options you got are not viable for this kind of cooktop.

Final Remarks

An induction cooktop stove is a great revolution to how we cook in our kitchens. It will save you time and make your cooking much safer than with other cooking methods. However, you must assess it and your situation as well before deciding to buy it for your kitchen use!


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