What is Corporate Audio? 

If you have been in the audio engineering industry, you already know the struggle. But, if you have not been in this industry, then you should know that most of them come into this from music, performance and so many other things. Audio engineering is a complex field with a lot of things involved. 

But, out of all, live shows for corporate events or political events have always been challenging. When performing in a technical, political or corporate environment, it is necessary to bring essential changes in the techniques. The large-scale corporate audio setup isn’t something small and needs to be considered thoroughly. 

The regular music industry is very much different from the corporate ones. It is one of the biggest live event industries. If you have a basic understanding of music, audio processing and live performance, then you probably should know about live music. When playing for a live audience, you should have a basic understanding of the quality of the digital console. 

Before proceeding with corporate events, it is necessary to understand what your client wants. Not every client will have the same requirement and hence your schedule needs to be changed time to time. Also, there’s nothing such as right or wrong for live corporate events because every engineer will have a different approach to it. 

When playing for a large corporate event, it is necessary to know that there is going to be a huge crowd. With the setup of lights, projectors and screens, everything will be placed accordingly. Hence, things will be played based on that. It is extremely necessary in such situations to play effectively to match up the situation. 

You can never play in a corporate event properly, if you do not have an idea of the gigs. The best way to play at corporate gigs is to know your equipment and its frequencies. You may prefer consulting the clients before itself. 

Audio recording experts at Songmill Studios suggest that before the event, the vendors need to check the system. This will play an important role in easy detection of the problem. You need to identify the problem whether you are receiving sound early or late. 

If you are aware of the changes and differences in the system from before, you will be able to solve it easily. Troubleshooting the issue won’t be a problem if you are familiar with it. Your corporate event is very much different from a concert, so make sure to not make it too loud. 

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