What Is the Size of a Standard Sliding Glassdoor?


A basic moving glassdoor is of 80-inch height with a size varying from 60-72 inches depending on the room. In the majority of homes, the frame of doors is measured on a standard dimension for making substitutes of doors very easy. Sliding glass doors generally contain two areas: 

  • a fixed glass panels
  • a sliding glass panels

Although three-panel doors are also readily available.

Other sizing alternatives include:

Two-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

Glass doors with standard sliding with two-panel are 80-inch tall as well as be available in differing widths. The door width listed below shows the entire size of the device, not just the part you go through. The real door opening might be a little less than half of the size of the door.

Usual widths for two-panel moving glass doors are:

  • 5 feet or 60 inches
  • 6 feet or 72 inches
  • 8 feet or 96 inches

Three-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

Three-panel sliding glass doors are, not surprisingly, bigger than two-panel sliding glass doors.

Requirement sizes for three-panel moving glass doors are:

  • 9 feet or 108 inches
  • 12 feet or 144 inches

Heights of Moving Glass Doors

Apart from the 80-inch basic height, there are two other common moving glass door heights:

6 feet 10 inches or 82 inches

8 feet or 96 inches

Sliding Glass Door Size vs. Expense

The overall price of a sliding glass door will differ based on several key elements:

  • Size: Bigger the dimension, usually more will be the price
  • Materials: What the door, as well as the framework, is made up with
  • Upgrades: Distinctive, formed, or non-standard hardware.

Remember, the mounting material and equipment can play a significant function in the price of the door. In general, a standard glass door of 80-inch x 60-inch, sliding glassdoor of two-panel will be an affordable option.

Nonetheless, it is essential to remember that a sliding glass door is a financial investment. If you have any need to add a bigger or custom-made sliding glass door to your home, it’s much better to do so currently, rather than to replace a smaller door in simply a couple of years.

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