What Meal Prep Service is Good For Those On a Diet?

It can be pretty challenging to prepare meals, especially if you’re on a diet consistently. Sometimes time might catch up with you; you might lack the zeal, or you could have missed the critical ingredients to a particular meal. However, the evolution of technology has made things easier as you can now order readily prepared meals from your favorite meal prep services.

So what are these meal prep services? These are platforms where you can order your diet meal prep to satisfy your nutritional needs. Whether you’re a vegan, on a keto diet, intending to lose or gain weight, or on a gluten-free diet, there’s always something that fits your dietary needs. So what are the best diet meal prep services that’ll save you the hassle of cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping?

The Top Diet Meal Prep Services

There’s always a diet meal prep service for all individuals, regardless of the type of eater. Below are the highly ranked meal plan services available.

1. MaxFit Meals (Customer’s Favorite)

MaxFit Meals is a highly ranked diet meal prep service voted as a customer’s favorite. It gets its recognition from the multiple diets it covers, as there is a meal for almost all types of eaters. The service is open to all kinds of meals, differentiated with the time the meals are taken, start ingredients of the meals, variety of diets, and a lot for the newly introduced meals.

You can also opt to get a meal plan subscription that’ll give recommendations according to the type of diet that suits you. The meals are moderately priced, and there’s a safe payment method. For a nutritional breakdown, the site indicates each meal’s calories, protein, fat, and carbs content. This is useful if you’re balancing your nutrition for a particular dietary goal.

MaxFit Meals also allows you to order without subscribing to a meal plan. You also can choose between shipping your order or collecting it at a pickup location. Every order earns you points upon which you can redeem. There are also discounts available that come in gift cards and coupon codes. It’s available in 54 states and has multiple recipes.

2. Hungryroot (Highly Recommended)

Hungryroot is highly recommended because of several unique features, such as it being available in 48 states and containing 3000+ diets. This meal prep service incorporates ten different dietary restrictions, plans are personalized, and it takes below 10 minutes to prepare most meals. However, it ranks just below MaxFit Meals because there aren’t varieties available and meals aren’t ready-made.

3. Fresh n’ Lean (Best for Beginners)

Fresh n’ Lean is your go-to site if you’re looking to start your way through meal prep services. The platform is available in 50 states and records 60 recipes. Fresh n’ Lean covers eight different meal plans, has a variety of menu options, and the meals are easy to prepare. However, costly plans and sending meals at random are the cons of using the platform.

4. Dinnerly (Best on a Budget)

Dinnerly is the best meal plan service on a budget. The site covers 48 states, and there are 28 recipes to choose from. Meals are very affordable, made in 5 steps, and there’s a large variety of recipes. Nonetheless, meals aren’t designed for individual services, and you must have multiple ingredients for preparations.


Other platforms are well-recognized by users. Some of them include:

Splendid Spoon (best for vegetarians)

Sunbasket (best for whole foods)

Sakara (best for vegans)

Trifecta (best for gluten-free)

Snap Kitchen (best for keto diet)

Diet meal prep services are excellent additions to individuals who don’t have the time or convenience to prepare their dietary-based meals. They save you the hassle you’d have to go through for the cooking and cleaning of each. The prepared meals also suit each individual’s eating style.

Check out Max Fit Meals for the best diet meal prep services in your state!

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