What Should You Expect from an After Hours GP Service?

After-hours GP service remains open even when regular clinics are closed. Medical issues can arise at any time, whether early morning, late night, weekend, or festival. Pain or injury does not wait for the right time. So, if you need medical assistance at the weirdest of hours, an after-hours general practitioner can arrive at your place and deliver you the needed support. Luckily, you can find such services near you, but set your expectations to get the best services.

When you call an after-hours doctor, here are a few things that you can expect.


If there is a minor issue you have that needs medical attention, an after-hours on-call doctor will give you urgent care without physically visiting a clinic. This means you will be saved from rushed appointments and waiting rooms. Your after-hours medical appointment will not clash with your work schedule either. Ultimately, you have the convenience of having a doctor at your service 24/7, 365 days.

Personal Attention

Since the doctor has come to your place exclusively for you, you get the personal attention you don’t have to share with other patients. When you visit a clinic, doctors have queues of patients waiting for their appointment. 

The doctor has to rush through the patients to accommodate them all within a limited time. But when you call a doctor to your home, you are the only concern they have to concentrate on. As a result, you get better quality service from your doctor.

Safety from Infections

Hospitals and clinics are usually prone to germs and infections. You don’t know which patient is carrying which virus that he/she may pass on to others. If you have a weak immunity, you can expect enhanced safety by calling a doctor at home. When you call an after-hours GP at your place, you are not exposed to other patients, and you are safe from catching any infections.

Peace of Mind

Many people become too anxious when it comes to visiting a doctor’s clinic. By the time they reach the clinic, their blood pressure increases, their heartbeat rises, and they end up lying on the hospital bed. But when you call a doctor at home at your convenient hours, you stay in the comfort of your house and remain calm without feeling over-anxious. This helps the GP to diagnose your condition properly and recommend the right course of treatment.


While doctor’s home visits may cost a little more than your clinic visits, they prove to be much cheaper than urgent medical care and emergency hospital visits. Insurance providers also cover most after-hours general practitioners. You also save the money needed for transportation costs and avoid the inconvenience of visiting a doctor in sickness.

Well, now you know what you can expect from an after-hours GP. But it would help if you made sure that the service provider you are calling has a team of highly qualified, licensed doctors who can deliver medical service at your home without compromising on quality. However, don’t depend on after-hours doctors for emergency services, as urgent situations always require immediate hospital visits without delay.

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