Accident happens. If your screen gets cracked or damaged, don’t worry, iPhone screen repairs can help you with that. This is an authorized Apple service provider that only use genuine parts and precise equipment to ensure that your new screen works well after it is being repaired.

How much will it cost?

Fixing your cracked or shattered screen may have a corresponding cost depending on whether you have AppleCare+, in some cases, it might be covered by the Apple warranty or consumer law. On the other hand, once your iPhone has been examined, the technician will have to confirm the total costs for either repair or replacement.

Majority of screen repairs that are caused by accidental damage is not covered under the Apple warranty. However, if your screen cracks due to a manufacturing defect, it is then covered by the Apple warranty together with the consumer law.

If you do not have an AppleCare+, the average cost of screen repair is around $149 for older phones like the iPhone 7 and 8. That price may go higher if the phone gets bigger and complex like for the iPhone XS Max which is around $329.

How long will it take?

If you visit or inquire to the Apple authorized service providers, many of them offer same-day service for a particular repair, such as screen repair. Whenever your technician needs to send your device to an Apple Repair Center, don’t worry since you’ll be notified right away on when it will be ready for pick up.

Get ready for your repair

Before you allow your device to be repaired, you’ll be needing necessary actions to protect your data like making backups and turning off Find My iPhone feature.

Can I use my broken iPhone for a while?

Regardless if you have a plan on getting your screen fixed, there’s a higher chance that you still have to wait a little bit.

Sometimes, when the glass is severely damaged to the point that it can cause an injury for your fingers, you can get some clear packaging tape and stick a layer on the screen to temporarily smooth down any sharp edges that could potentially harm you.

iPhone shattered screen

In such case when your screen won’t register touch input, or even the home button is not working, things might get tougher. You can try the iOS feature that lets you navigate the home button on the screen, the only issue is that if touch function is working properly.  

You can still try using Siri to perform some actions by using your voice and even tell her to turn on Voice over to hear clearly the descriptions on what’s currently happening on the screen.

How to Protect Your Newly-Replaced Screen

As the accident happened, it implies you to start protecting your phone, if you haven’t already. It is suggested to invest in good quality cases and screen protector.

A good case can protect your device from incurring dings, scuffs, and even scratches around the body of the device. Apart from that, it can also absorb the level of shock that comes from dropping it down.  


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