What To Look For In A Custody Attorney

Custody Attorney Virginia Beach VA what to look for in an attorney. Child Custody hearings can be very stressful as well as highly emotional. Here are a few things to remember when selecting a Custody Attorney.

What Attorney is Best Fit

Search for the right Custody Attorney. Inquire with other parents as to whether the Custody Attorney Virginia Beach VA is the best one for you.

Check references. Are they recommended?

Other things to consider

One thing to keep in mind does this attorney fit my personality and style? You need someone to understand you.

Will it be off putting to the Custody Attorney if I ask many questions?

Has the Custody Attorney dealt with my case in the past with a positive outcome?

Cost to take the case

  • What is their fee? Is the fee based on a retainer fee or based on an hourly fee?
  • Does the Custody Attorney Virginia Beach VA cost more than others?
  • Do clients feel comfortable with the Custody Attorney?
  • Find out for sure if you may even qualify for legal aid?

Cases such as being disabled a veteran or in a domestic case will provide legal aid.

There are many attorneys that are willing to set up a payment plan. Just be honest, throw an amount that is affordable per month at them, the worst that can happen is they say no or I need a little more than that.

  • What if I can’t afford the fees? Are payments an option?
  • Are there court appointed Custody Attorneys that will help me?
  • Once Custody Attorney is found
  • What is your opinion on my case?
  • Do you foresee any problems?

Would mediation be the wiser choice for me? A good lawyer with a winning mind will give you some honest answers as to whether or not the case will be won. The attorney will be upfront and honest.

Keep or Fire

Don’t worry if you have an attorney that doesn’t seem to be meeting your needs you may release them from their duties then begin the search all over again for a Custody Attorney.

If you feel the perfect lawyer to get some details.

  • Will anyone else be working on my case?
  • Will I frequently be updated on my case?
  • Will anyone else from the firm be handling any details?
  • Who will do the negotiations or court appearances?

In any case or any situation for more information on finding good attorneys there are many additional resources about the custody attorneys. Speak to other parents. Ask them for as much information on the Custody Attorney as they are willing to give.

Speak to a member of their state bar association. A good attorney will have compassion for the importance of the case as well as the fact of wanting to move past the issue and move on with your life. Keep in mind not all Custody Attorneys are the same.

They each have their own philosophy on handling a case. Even if they have the best personality and best win ratio, the attorney may not be right for you.

In concluding one may also want to look into the number of cases handled by the attorney in a year? Do they do any type of mediation cases?

Remember you are hiring someone to represent you and your child. You are looking for the best of the child. Make sure you make a good choice in a Custody Attorney. Take time to look.

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