What You Should Know about a Hernia Mesh Recall

Recent studies have shown that hernia mesh impacts can cause serious complications to patients. Complications that implant patients have experienced after surgery can be from a hernia mesh recall. While it helps your case if the FDA has issued a recall for your specific product, you could still have a case if you have signs of mesh failure.

Hernia Mesh Failure Symptoms

It’s not uncommon for patients to experience pain after any surgery, so pain after surgery is not a sign of failure. However, the pain will subside at some point during recovery and an increase in pain can mean a problem. When a patient experiences debilitating pain and other complications, this can mean there has been a hernia mesh failure. Symptoms can include abdominal pain, chronic pain, fistula formation, inflammation near the incision site, chills, nausea, and persistent fever. While some of these symptoms could be dismissed as a cold or flu, it’s important to talk to your surgeon even if a year has passed.

Complications from Hernia Mesh Failure

Symptoms can indicate hernia mesh failure but there need to be X-rays taken and an aging test completed to confirm. Some of the complications include bowel obstruction, mesh adhesion to the surrounding organs and tissues, tissue damage, or bowel perforation.

Things You Should Know before You File a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit

You will first want to determine the manufacturer for the hernia mesh implant. Identifying the manufacturer is important because it will determine where your case can be filed. There are already current lawsuits against certain companies. You also need to determine the date of your surgery, the name of the surgeon, and the name and address of the hospital where you had your surgery. If you have documentation from your surgery, such as consent forms, this is also important.

When filing a lawsuit, there is no such thing as too much information. Start collecting evidence as soon as you think something is wrong. If you have to have the mesh removed, advise the doctor that the tissue and mesh removed should be collected and preserved. The mesh itself can be an important part of the evidence.

You will then need to determine your eligibility. You can find out from an attorney if you are eligible. The criteria will have guidelines and deadlines for filing a lawsuit. Legal rights can depend on where you live. It’s important to act quickly since a lawsuit must be filed in a certain amount of time. The statute of limitations will differ by state. It’s important to find an experienced attorney. There are attorneys who have dealt with a hernia mesh recall and, if you hire one of these lawyers, you could be placed in a pre-existing group of lawsuits. Check credentials and if they have litigated other mesh cases.

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