What Does a Staged Auto Accident in Tucson Look Like?

If you have been on roads for a while and if you have handled cases of auto accidents, you might have heard the term swoop and squat. It sounds very similar to wrestling but in reality, it is a staged car accident. This is done by scammers where they can go ahead and file fraudulent claims and derive monetary compensation against another driver’s liability insurance. This is a very stressful problem and might be confusing for you. They can easily make you appear careless and prove that you caused the crash. If you are ever staged similarly, you need to have a reliable Tucson auto accident attorney who can help you get out of this turmoil. Click here for help.

What are the common types of staged crashes?

Here are some of them listed to help you stay conscious and alert.

Swoop and squat

The “squat” vehicle is the one that pulls up in front of your car. The “swoop” vehicle is pulled in front of the squat vehicle and it pulls the brakes. The squat vehicle then pulls the brake too and as a result, you cannot stop or swerve and avoid the crash. There might be the involvement of a third vehicle too. The squat vehicle has multiple passengers inside who claim injuries when the police arrive.

Left turn drive down

This happens just when you start taking a left turn. Once you stop, a driver approaches you heading from the opposite way and waves to you. However, after some time, he pulls up and blocks your way and you need to pull the brakes immediately. It hits the other car and it appears as the crash happened due to your negligence.

Curb drive down

This happens mostly when you try to merge into traffic after you are parked on a curb. You start to pull out your car after seeing that the traffic is clear. Just then, another car approaches you into your lane and hits you. The driver will in turn insist that you pulled out even when the traffic was unclear.

T-bone crash

This happens mostly when another car runs into a red light purposefully after travelling through an intersection. Even if you were on a green light, the imposter will try proving that they saw you run a red light.

The insurance companies will try to avoid paying you the compensation and hence an auto accident attorney can help you out.

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