Which cars are comfortable for a self-drive trip?

Travelling is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Do you know which car is suitable for a self-drive trip? Are there any models that can cope with all kinds of complicated road conditions and are comfortable to drive? The answer is yes. Here, I will recommend several models.

Before introducing the cars, I strongly recommend an intelligent electric seat for a self-drive trip. The electric seat can adjust the front and rear position, the upper and lower height and the backrest angle of the seat through the control of the motor. The more luxurious one can also adjust the thigh support and lumbar support. Normally, the place we travel is far away from our home. Thus, we feel tired easily.

With the intelligent car seat, we can adjust the position we like. More importantly, the electric seat from Changyi has a massage function. It runs and stops automatically with the time interval you set. In this way, the driver will feel relax and focus on driving. It is a great tool for people who need to drive a long way. Apart from the message function, the electric seat has many other functions. For example, seat cushion heating. It prevents sweat on your back and hip through strong turbo fan inside, keeping you cool and comfortable even in hot summer. An intelligent seat is very practical in a self-drive trip

Volkswagen Passat Variant

Recommended index: ★★★★★

For self-driving tour, the most important things for a car are large storage space, comfortable, practical and safe. The station wagon – Passat Variant has a leading load space compared with the car in the same level, with a load capacity of 650L in normal mode and storage space of 1780L after the rear seats are lowered.

Furthermore, based on the MQB platform, the Passat Variant has a short front overhang design to provide more driving space for the driver. The rear seats can be split fold into 4:2:4 for more flexible use of space. In terms of appearance, the shape of the Passat Variant is very eye-catching. The interior, configuration and power system are consistent with Volkswagen’s Magotan. In a word, the Passat Variant has achieved a leading level.

Mitsubishi Pajero

Recommended index: ★★★★

For those who like cross-country, Mitsubishi Pajero is recommended. Like the Volkswagen, Pajero has an ultra-short front overhang design that guarantees its trafficability. In terms of power, Pajero is still equipped with a 3.0L V6 naturally aspirated engine with a maximum power of 128kW and a maximum torque of 255N·m. At the same time, Pajero is equipped with the second generation of the super-selected four-wheel drive system.

Needless to say, the space performance of the Pajero is great. The space in the trunk is very large. It is completely out of the question for long-distance travel. In terms of appearance, the new Pajero is a modified model, but the adjustment of the front grille and other details makes the overall more recognizable. In addition, the interior has also added many configurations that young consumers like today, such as wireless charging.

Pajero can be said to be one of the most excellent models in a comprehensive performance. Whether it is a plateau or a city road, you will feel driving on a flat road. Except for its look, other aspects are really impeccable.

Lexus ES

Recommended index: ★★★★

The new ES has a longer, wider, smoother body line. It is more robust than many medium and large cars, but the height of the car is not very outstanding. For the interior, the Lexus ES’s exquisite workmanship, excellent driving quietness, and comfortable interior atmosphere are indeed important factors for long-distance travel.

In terms of power, the new ES is equipped with the world’s leading thermal efficiency – 40% thermal efficiency of the 2.5L engine. The transmission is matched with 8AT gearbox, which brings more faster and lighter speed transmission. It is worth mentioning that when the ES hybrid version uses pure electric cruise, the engine can be completely turned off, which will further reduce noise and fuel consumption. For people who like quiet and focus on comfort, Lexus ES is strongly recommended.

Odyssey LX

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Speaking of Odyssey, its accumulated reputation and sales performance are outstanding. The biggest change of Odyssey LX is the space. The new car is equipped with Honda’s latest third-generation i-MMD dual-motor hybrid system. The integrated maximum output power of the system is 158kW. The fuel consumption of the comprehensive working condition is as low as 5.8L, and the thermal efficiency is also increased from 38.3% of the old model to 40.6. %. Plus its three automatic drive modes, it makes the driver easily manipulated. In conclusion, Odyssey’s load capacity and comfort performance are unquestionable.

Of course, there are still a lot of models that suitable for self-driving tour. You can compare different models and choose the one you like.

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