All You Need to Know About Foamex – Perfect for Panels

Foamex is essentially a type of plastic that is made of expanded PVC: which is suited for direct printing, is easy to shape and cut, is very light yet durable. Apart from that since it’s waterproof (being plastic) it can be used outdoors as well.

These are honestly, just some of the traits that have made Foamex an extremely popular material in the marketing industry and Foamex printing is on the rise in a huge variety of forms. 

Foamex can be used for large and by large we mean really huge, marketing signs or advertisement boards, but because of its versatility, you will even see it in shop displays or being used as decoration. With its varied thickness like 3mm Foamex and 5mm Foamex, it can be made more pliable or rigid according to one’s Foamex printing needs.

In this article the Foamex Printing Company is going to tell you about, what is Foamex, the sectors that use Foamex printing and why is it really so successful!

Let’s move on to where does Foamex Come from?

Foamex is first and foremost a kind of plastic that is produced primarily in Switzerland and is manufactured by a Swiss company called 3A composites which is based in a tiny settlement between Lucerne and Zurich. They patented the Foamex rigid foam panels about 30 years ago which makes it really easy for Europe to have access to Foamex, as it is distributed by the company’s various logistical partners. 

Foamex is produced in 10 kinds of different thicknesses from 1mm to 19mm, the most popular, however, are 3mm Foamex, 5mm Foamex and 10 mm Foamex. The panels are available in 9 different shades as well, however, the original colour that is white, is the easiest to print on!

Here are a few key points about Foamex that you should know:

  • Foamex is an extremely easy material to print on. The molecular structure of the material makes Foamex printing easier because of its flat even and most importantly plain white surface. Printing directly into it produces a matt effect, which can be made glossier by applying a UV varnish on it (also giving it extra protection in the process)
  • Foamex is a very durable material. You can compare it to cardboard for example, wherein unlike cardboard, Foamex can actually withstand the elements and hence can be used outside, even in rainy weather. This makes such a perfect material for outdoor advertising as well. For outdoor usage, the Foamex Printing Company would recommend little thicker panels like 5mm Foamex or 10mm.
  • In addition to its, durability Foamex is resistant to much wear and tear, which it could be subjected to, because of its surrounding overtime. In fact, even large panels made of 3mm Foamex or 5mm Foamex do not become misshapen or shrink. One point to be noted, however, is that if the Foamex printing is exposed to the sun for too long, the images will lighten over the years eventually.
  • Foamex is an extremely lightweight material which means that it is really easy to transport and install, which is an easy bonus.
  • Foamex is a really easy material to work with. In fact, so much so before you begin the Foamex printing, the initial shape of the panel can be customised by you in so many ways like cutting and milling it or it can be bent in both hot and cold situations. Apart from all this, a Foamex panel can be drilled, with screws or have metal hooks inserted, and is also easy to glue. All this and more makes Foamex such a versatile material, usable enough to make plaques, display boards, hanging signs or even classic advertising/ information boards, Foamex printing can work well for them all.
  • Foamex is also highly fire-resistant material, given a Class 1 fire rating, which means it’s a non-flammable combustible material
  • Coming to one of its major selling points, Foamex is quite an excellent value for money, and in fact, in a lot of cases Foamex printing, can be a great alternative to much more expensive materials like aluminium or Plexiglass.

You can use Foamex printing by the Foamex printing company in a lot of ways. The large format Foamex panels can be used in their pre-set or customised size with one side or two-sided printing. We can also an add-in for you, in terms of metal hooks to hang them on, along with an extra coating to make them look shiny and increase their durability. The panels can be used as information panels at exhibitions or a publicity event, or be an advert or shop signage.

Another format offering of ours is the Cut-to-shape hanging signs, which can be used for decorating the window of your shop. You can choose from the Foamex Printing company’s pre-defined cut out, from premade artwork or customise and create your own design.

And for cases when you need to advertise a particular offer or set up an info point on your counter, you can use the Foamex Printing Company’s 3 mm Foamex desk displays.

With so many design options in tow, Foamex is one of the nest materials you can use for your signage in almost any situation. So try our Foamex Printing services and have the best display of your choice, which can really set your brand apart from others. The clear, crisp and cost-effective printing is really worth it!

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