Why a Restricted Key System is Vital in a Commercial Space

Commercial restricted key systems tend to be the best way to secure keys for property owners and managers. This system distributes the keys in a way that nobody can duplicate them without authorization. Every key in a restricted key system has its separate and unique identification code and a clear and permanent stamp on it.

Restricted keying systems allow you to better control the people accessing specific areas of your property. The best part of these security systems is that you can design and customized them to meet your specific security needs within a commercial space.

A restricted master key system is the best choice for those commercial properties that are not aware of how many keys they have issued or who has access to those keys. It becomes a necessity especially if the company has no control, record or accountability over who can make duplicate its building’s keys.

Regardless of the size of your commercial space, a reputable locksmith service can develop master key system with restricted keys that will give you total control of key management, helping you make sure that no key gets accounted for or duplicated without authorization.

While nobody can copy restricted keys without your permission, you can use it to provide secure access to more than one entry point and area within various buildings that are using a master key system.  These locking systems are versatile, allowing you to design one key to unlock up to 5000 different locks. This feature makes a master key system an ideal way to take care of the security of a commercial building like a hospital, hotel, factory, restaurant, or industrial plant.

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