Why Debt Consolidation is Bad for Your Credit

Debt consolidation refers to the act of taking out a single load large enough to repay some or all of one’s smaller outstanding debts. Once you procure the money, you can pay off other accounts and then make a single payment to pay off the new debt. Debt consolidation makes sense for people who would rather make a single payment each month instead of several which can lower the amount of interest paid on taking the new loan.

While debt consolidation in Manchester does sound alluring there are certain downsides to it such as the following:

Affects credit score

The creditor is required to pull your credit report when you apply for any personal loan, for you to qualify for the loan. They carry out a hard pull which adds an inquiry to your credit report. This causes your credit score to dip a bit since new credit inquiries account for roughly 10% of your FICO credit score. Your utilization, however, accounts for more than 35% of the calculation.

It could result in more debt

For anyone who hasn’t yet learned to keep bad spending habits in check, using a personal loan to consolidate credit card debt can be a risky ordeal and can result in further damage to their credit score. The danger lies not in the personal loan itself, but what happens when it is used to pay off old debt. If you begin to use the freed-up revolving debt balances to spend, you end up right where you started. A personal loan for debt consolidation in Manchester can help but one needs to be completely committed to paying it on time to not increase revolving unpaid balances.

Might not do any good

Debt consolidation does make sense in some cases, but it isn’t the solution to all your debt problems. Your current arrangement might work just as well as debt consolidation after all. There is the possibility that debt consolidation doesn’t save your money or result in a reduction in your monthly payments. In case your monthly payments are smaller under debt consolidation, due to an extension in the term of the loan, it may cost you more in interest charges in the long term.

When used properly, debt consolidation can boost your credit score by quite a bit. The terms that you do receive on a debt consolidation loan is largely dependent on your credit rating as well as the debt to income ratio at the time that you apply. This method could backfire if you haven’t yet resolved your reason for racking up the debt in the first place. If, however you use a debt consolidation loan with the sole intention of becoming debt-free, debt consolidation in Manchester can boost your credit score.



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