Why is CDN Crucial for Increasing Conversions?

Whether you are selling a product or service, converting the site visitors to customers is the ultimate goal of most websites. There are many factors that help make this conversion – quality of content, site experience, speed of the website, etc. In fact, higher conversion rates are usually associated with a better user experience, which leads to higher user engagement and conversion. Think about it as a user. If you visit a website which is taking too long to load, then will you sign up for its products/services? Probably not. Most users associate the speed of the website with the brand’s user-centricity. Hence, it is important to have a website which loads faster to see your conversion rates soar. In this article, we are going to talk about CDNs and why they are important for increasing conversions.

CDN? What is it?

A CDN or a Content Delivery Network is a network of web servers which are spread across the globe. Your website’s data is replicated on all the servers. Whenever a user visits your website, the server which is geographically closest to him is automatically brought into action to process the request. This offers many benefits and leads to better user experience on the website.

Why is a CDN crucial for increasing conversions?

Here is something to think about – let’s say that your website is hosted in California. Now, users in Australia have suddenly started taking an interest in your site, and you are experiencing a sudden surge of traffic from that location. Due to the geographical distance between California and Australia, users will have to wait longer for heavy files like images, videos, CSS, etc. to load. This might result in visitors abandoning your website and a possible loss of business.

A CDN, being a global network of web servers, ensures that your site performs optimally regardless of the geographical location of the user. This allows for better engagement and increases the chances of conversion.

The online marketplace is highly competitive. As a website owner, you get a small window of 2-3 seconds to load the site and make an impression. With users having endless options and decreasing attention spans, you must ensure that you utilize this window optimally. Hence, it is important to offer unique and engaging content as well as load the content within the blink of an eye, giving yourself a better chance at converting the users into customers.

Many big organizations like Walmart, Amazon, etc. have worked on improving the loading time of their webpages and seen an improvement in conversions. If you have an e-commerce store, then a CDN is an absolute must. After all, you never know who would want to buy your product and from what location, right?

Summing Up

A Content Delivery Network paired with an optimized site and caching can ensure that you offer a blazing fast site to your users. If you value their time, they will consider you to be a responsible business and spend more time on your website. This will give you more opportunities to sell. Most Cloud Hosting Providers offer a CDN as a part of the package for better speeds. If your provider does not offer it, then you might want to consider buying a CDN service or moving to a new hosting plan. Incorporate a CDN and see your conversions rise! Good Luck!

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