Why should you Save your Marriage?

And you thought there is nothing that you need to do to save this dying marriage of yours?

Of course, you don’t want to stay with this person because you are unhappy; no doubt you are unable to tolerate his behavior pattern; there may be some issues that annoy you the most, but when it comes to marriage, you have to be a bit more adjusting than ever before. This is not something that the wife has to do, solely, but also the husband. Marriage is a union of two bodies and souls and thus, both the partners have to sacrifice for each other’s happiness at times.

Unless your partner is involved in a criminal activity, there is no problem in forgiving him. Also, unless he has been dishonest to you in the past and have gotten into adultery, you can surely forgive and ignore the little mistakes he has made.

But even to adjust with your partner is a difficult task. You may find it annoying the way she combs her hair everywhere, losing her hair strands even in the kitchen area; you may find it disgusting to lift the toilet seat when he does not do it after coming out from the toilet. No matter what the problem is, marriage therapy can surely help. All you need is a strong support and a willingness to be true to your partner.

Not sure why you should save your marriage?

Well, it is simple. You need to save your marriage because of the vows you took while getting married; marriage is not only about standing with each other during the good times, but also holding hands even when the times are really dark. If you have kids involved, you have a better reason to make this marriage work, if you think the spark is still there, somewhere.

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