Why you should Consider Going for PCT after Anavar Cycle? – Is it Too Dangerous?

A steroid cycle is highly popular amongst body builders and weight lifters. By a steroid cycle, we mean consuming a particular steroid of a desired amount for a particular time period. The professionals even stack various other steroids with these cycles to enhance the positive results.

However, it is essential that the consumers go under a Post-Cycle Therapy after the therapy has ended to ensure that there are no side effects. There have been various debates regarding the fact that anavar cycles require a PCT or not.

Many experts have also argued whether consuming anavar is too dangerous for the liver of the consumer or not. To derive conclusions, it is essential to read the debates of both the sides. In this article, we will be discussing various arguments on the requirement of PCT as well as the safety of anavar.

Learn about the Anavar cycle – Is the PCT necessary?

The anavar cycles are extremely popular amongst women athletes and body builders. Some of them even stack other steroids in the anavar cycle. The most common steroids used are dianabol, testosterone, deca durabolin etc. The cycle can last 2 weeks in which the person should have atleast 40 mg of anavar on a daily basis. Here are some facts to consider for a PCT –

  • The first argument is put forward by people is PCT is not necessary. These people consider anavar as one of the safest steroids which never cause any major side effects.
  • The supporters of this argument have explained the working mechanism of anavar in the body. They say that anavar does not harm the body severely when it is consumed in small dosages.
  • The other group have said that there are potential side effects of consuming anavar, which should never be overlooked and hence PCT is essential.

Is anavar really safe to consume? – Does it affect the liver vastly?

Anavar is considered as one of the safest steroids of all times. However, there are some frauds on the internet, who call themselves ‘experts’ have reported that anavar can be dangerous for the liver. This has been proven wrong a number of times still it has caused much conjecture.

Ultimately, the genuine experts have ended all the speculations regarding this by saying that anavar is toxic but the level of toxins can be manipulated if it is consumed rightly. The consumers can stack anavar with other steroids. Consult a doctor to know recommended dose of Nolvadex with your anavar cycle.

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