Your Home Needs Faux Wood Blinds and Here’s Why

Styling your home is a personal experience. Whether you like a more modern and minimalist look or a classic, cozy appearance; your home is a direct representation of you and your family. Often, when we talk about styling our homes, we discuss the major aspects like furniture, wall colors, and flooring. We tend to completely skip over the minor details like the type of blinds you choose to have. The truth is, something as practical and seemingly minor as blinds can have a major impact on the way your home looks from the inside and the outside. If you want to give your home a luxurious feel without the overly luxurious upkeep, your obvious options for blinds must be faux wood blinds

Faux Blinds Are Moisture Resistant

If you want the chic look of wood blinds, the upkeep of authentic wood blinds can be overwhelming. Actual wood can easily attract moisture causing it to swell, expand, and warp. It is also sensitive to direct sunlight and heat causing the blinds to fade. Faux wood can still provide the beautiful, sleek look of wood with much less maintenance. They are more moisture and heat resistant allowing them to last longer. 

Easy to Clean

No matter the kind of decor you have in your home, everyone wants an easy to clean layout. Faux wood blinds are super easy to keep clean and fresh looking. Since they are water resistant, you can simply wash them down with a wet rag or even a hose if need be. 


Blinds are notorious for breaking and snapping. Faux wood are able to keep their shape for longer in comparison to actual wood. The heat and water resistance allow the faux wood to last for years to come without having to be replaced. 

Available in Many Styles

Since everyone has their own personal style, it’s understandable that you’ll want a specific type of blinds that fit your home. Aside from the kind of material you want your blinds to be made of, you may want a specific finish or texture. Faux wood is available at select blinds canada in many different shades, finishes, and colors to fit your personal home decor.

Dressing up your home can be an exciting and fun experience. From your throw pillows to the carpet in the hallways, every inch of your home speaks to your true style. Add faux wood blinds into the mix to really take your home decor to the next level.

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