1 – Testosterone – Take The Best Steroid That Can Overcome All Your Fear

When we were kids we read in science about the natural male hormone, testosterone, and its role in human body. It increases with age in a certain amount slowly that leads to growth of hair, penis and early stage of puberty with cracked voice. Since it is released in minimum quantity that is why the growth is also limited.

Now, bodybuilders and athletes need extra of everything to enhance their performance that is why they take synthetic testosterone in greater amount. This not only increases the level of male characteristics, but also increases muscle mass, strength and stamina. When testosterone is injected in higher quantity, the normal secretion stops immediately to balance that flow in bloodstream.

The most common form of testosterone is injectable 1-testosterone. It gives quick result as it mixes with blood rapidly. 1- Testosterone is an androgenic anabolic steroid which is classified as Schedule III drug. This means that to avoid misuse of this drug it has been declared to be obtained only through a prescription.

It has been banned since 2005 in US, still bodybuilders manage to get through black market or less reputed stores.

However, it is ranked as the first anabolic steroid to be used by bodybuilders as nutritional or dietary supplements.

Being a strong chemical that can increase male hormones, women using it in any form can develop certain male traits –

  • Hair loss
  • Unnatural growth of hair
  • Deep voice

All these subside when the dosage is stopped and a PCT is followed under the supervision of a trainer or health practitioner.

Initially, it was used for people who were suffering with low secretion of hormone in human body which led to short height and delayed puberty. However, gradually people misunderstood and started misusing the compound.

There are some websites who still sell this banned and illegal form of steroid, but using any product from such websites is always dangerous. All those who claim to have authentic 1- Testosterone are surely to be selling substitute of it.

Always check the product if you know the composition of this product and then prefer buying it from any store.

Any steroid that is injected in blood can give immediate results, but those results subside the moment that drug is discontinued. According to the steroid Act started in 2004, 1- Testosterone is banned in United States. That is why most athletes and bodybuilders look underground sources or black market to obtain this supplement.

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