Know All About Steroids

Body building is a process which involves lot of hard work with respect to hard physical workouts, well balanced diet (we all know how difficult it is to stop cravings), strict exercise regimen and peaceful sleep schedules. It is a dream for many to flaunt a rippled body which is a rave among youngsters. In addition to all these, there are steroids without which body building process would be incomplete. To get faster results and toned body in a limited period of time, the role of steroids cannot be underestimated. To understand which steroid is used for what purpose, in what quantity and for whom a particular steroid is recommended visit

Though steroids are largely used by body builders and athletes with whole motto of increasing stamina and strength, of late they have been used for different purposes by people from various professions with individual targets in mind. For example, some models use them for lean body structure; some movie stars use them for curved body and so on. Know everything about various steroids in But limit it only for information purpose, for, it is advisable to take a professional help before planning to start a steroid cycle. Moreover, it is not legal in some countries and many steroids are prescription only medicines.

In this article you will find the main differences between popular steroids Winstrol and Anavar both of which have equal fame as strength and immunity boosters. Body builders use them to enhance their performance levels and to retain lean muscle mass.

Winstrol improves metabolic condition of the body which is helpful in burning fat easily and increasing protein synthesis in the body which in turn aids in building muscle tissues. Apart from this it also promotes body strength and increases flexibility. While it definitely helps you in gaining tough, lean muscles without much side effects it does not give you immediate results. Also it is not recommended for those having cardiac or other serious health issues.  It is one of those few steroids which can be used both by men and women. Unlike many steroids, it is not toxic to liver.

Anavar is a famous oral steroid that is used for building larger and heavier muscles and in burning fat. It is particularly used to burn fat without having to worry about muscle tissue damage. It is a mild steroid which acts slowly on the body yet giving desired results. For quick results higher dosage is prescribed. Its mild dosage makes it a preferred choice for women body builders. It is now available in different names in the market after being faded out because of its suspected side effects. But since Anavar is a mild steroid it is often stacked with other steroids to get maximum benefits. It increases muscle mass and strength in moderate levels but if stacked with others like creatine it produces stronger results.

However, every individual would be having their own personal goals and all steroids have their own side effects. Keeping this in view, consider taking a physician’s advice and act accordingly to avoid future damages.

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