10 Trending Jobs and their Pay Scale for CSE B.Tech Graduates

If you are someone who has always liked to solve problems, decode queries or decipher codes; undoubtedly, you have a knack for learning and applying new languages. All of this if seems familiar to you, then Computer Science is an ideal career choice for you.

  1. Tech in Computer Science Engineering (CSE) is a 4-year undergraduate course to acknowledge students with the basics of computer science and its application in engineering. The curriculum makes the students learn the designing and development of computer software along with the hardware processes. Through this course, the students will be able to gain, learn and use different programming languages, development of new codes and a lot more tech-savvy things.

Taking admission in the program is quite simple as compared to other professional degree courses. The procedure has three major steps, and that’s about it. They are as follows:

  1. Filling up the application form.
  2. Appearing for the entrance exam; JEE Main.
  3. Starting with the admissions once the result is out.

Joint Entrance Exam is being conducted for three varied streams; they are B.E/B. Tech, B. Arch and B. Planning. JEE Main score is the key to get into any of the science educational institutes. After completing the program, the graduate students have multiple sectors to go for their career growth and aspirations. Some of the sectors are mentioned here:

  • IT/Software Companies
  • Analytical establishments
  • Engineering firms
  • Government companies
  • Academic institutions, etc.

Computer science graduates also must be eager to know about the world around them since programs and systems are applied to every possible area of life and commerce. Proven the pervasiveness of computer technology in today’s era, there are multiple job roles that a CSE person can take up. The right job for every individual will depend on their personal skills, values, and interests.

To make it simpler for all the aspiring engineers, we have curated a list of top 10 trending CSE jobs along with their pay scale to have an overall idea.

Software Developer

Developers create software programs that make the life of the users simplest in every manner. It allows users to perform specific tasks on various devices. Software developers are responsible for the development, testing, and maintenance of software. Technical skill and expertise are a must to be an ace developer. They need to be fluent in the computer languages that are used to write the code for various programs.

To become a software developer, a candidate has to have a degree in any of these disciplines. Acceptable degrees are as follows:

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Software Engineering
  • Software Programming and Development
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Physics

Salary Package– It ranges between 2-17 LPA depending upon the knowledge and experience of the candidate. In this matter, the company also matters to a great extent.

Test Engineer

Testing all the developments is the key job role of test engineers. They are intended to make the software or the app work better and smoother by fixing bugs and religious testing. Test engineers come from various backgrounds; that is why they have their own specialisations. Tasks to be performed by a Test Engineer

  1. Get to know the complex systems.
  2. Creation of test plans and cases.
  3. Interpretation of results.
  4. Modifying product quality.
  5. Putting recommendations forward to management.

Salary Package– The salary of test engineer scale between 4-16 LPA.

Content Analyst/Developer

In the job role of content developer, the candidate has to prepare articles and blogs related to coding, languages, cloud computing, the latest software and much more related to the technical field.

The candidate applying for this profile has to have the ability to evaluate and analyse complex information. A natural desire to help people understand things that are hard to understand works as a brownie point in this field.

Salary Package– The pay scale of a content developer range between 5-10 LPA.

Scientists and Researchers

In this job, the research work is being conducted to develop and modify solutions to computer software and hardware. It is a job of high profile and great precision. The day to day worklist, which every researcher has to go through are as follows:

  1. Building research proposals
  2. Creating and conducting experiments
  3. Analysing results of the experiments
  4. Working with researchers to develop the end product

Salary Package– The average salary of a researcher is 6-18 LPA.

Computer System Analyst

The analysts customise the software to the specifications of the consumers. Experienced candidates are preferred as the work requires skill and knowledge.

Computer systems analysts have to deal with a variety of techniques like data-modelling to design computer systems. Deep conduct of tests and analysis of information is a mandate to increase the overall performance and efficiency.

Salary Package– 6-10 LPA

Application Developer

Development of applications, both for the user and co-operate use is the core work of the developer. In India, there are many developers in every stream, so it is advised to be a little different and more experienced to earn a good salary Package.

The application developers design and create the application. They code it and then put the outcome for final testing. Furthermore, they must keep a check on different requirements as well.

Salary Package– 5-8 LPA

Data Security Analyst

This job requires data mining and organising as major skills to perform the job. It requires knowledge of various data modelling algorithms. To know more about the same, here’s a list of the job duties:

  1. Overlooking security access
  2. Conducting security assessments
  3. Conducting internal and external security audits
  4. Updating the company’s response and plans
  5. Third-party verification to meet security requirements

Salary Package– 7-10 LPA

Database Administrator

To perform this job, a candidate has to be proficient in designing effective database schemas according to the project. The administrators need to ensure that:

  • Data remains consistent
  • It is clearly defined
  • Users accessibility is a must
  • Ensuring data retrievability

Salary Package– 5-8 LPA

Web Developer

As a Web Developer, a person has to build various web components of a web app or solution. Engagement with new techniques is a must to be proficient in this role. They need to create eye catchy web outlays, which are also user-friendly. From the site home page to the final layout, it is up to them how creative they get.

Salary Package– 5-20 LPA

Network Engineer

As a network engineer, planning, implementation and overseeing of corporate networks will be your major task. A more elaborate list of a network engineer’s job duties are as follows:

  1. Designing and implementing new network solutions
  2. Managing subcontractors involved with the installation
  3. Configuring firewalls
  4. Maximising network performance
  5. Investigating faults in the network
  6. Reporting network status timely

Salary Package– 4-10 LPA

To sum up, it is wise to say that CSE is the new rage in the field of engineers. Just make sure, you focus on the exam well to get into a great college and all together to hired by a top engineering firm.

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