11 Christmas Lights And Christmas Decor Trends 2020

The year 2020 is far from the “normal” we know. If you want your home to evoke that resilient spirit of Christmas, then this read is for you. We’re rounding up 11 holiday trends for 2020 — from putting up a meaningful Christmas light installation to jazzing up your space with unique, thematic ornaments.

Know that the color you choose plays a big role. Green and red are traditionally the colors of Christmas. And even this year, these two still dominate the trend. But to make it more interesting, homeowners are now pairing green with natural tones for that “into the woods” feel. Red, on the other hand, can be partnered with silver and a dash of pink for a fabulous appeal.

Opt for recycled eco-friendly materials. Now more than ever, supporters of the green movement are advocating people to patronize eco-friendly holiday decors and materials. It’s a “trend” worthy to bring to the fore — especially at a time when the world is already facing concerns of different forms.

Make your home cozy. From putting up an energy-efficient Christmas light installation to adding cozy throw pillows to stylizing your home with birch log decors, making your place warm during the holidays will always be in vogue.

Try putting up an unconventional Christmas tree. To add more touches of festivity in your home, holiday decor experts recommend that you think out of the box for their Christmas trees. For instance, if you have a tomato cage, you can wrap it with LED bulbs and display them inside or outside your house.

Display Christmas cards on your wall. If you want to be more artsy and sentimental at the same time, aesthetically displaying holiday greeting cards from friends and family members will sure to give you a dose of good vibes.

Wrap your benches with holiday lights. Questions like “Where can I find an expert in Christmas Light Installation near me?” Is indeed common. Once you settle down with a contractor, ask them to jazz up your outdoor bench with holiday lights.

Use your bikes or cars as outdoor decorations. As most of us are mandated to stay at home due to the pandemic, the use of our vehicles has also been minimized. If you have an extra bike or an old car, you can decorate them with holiday lights to add an interesting piece in your outdoor scenario.

Make your yard a winter wonderland. Want to make your porch more whimsical? Hang white star- and snow-shaped lights to bring winter wonderland straight into your home.

Spruce up your space with COVID-themed ornaments. 2020 is a challenging year. To commemorate the uniqueness of the season, decorate your home with COVID-related ornaments like “Wear a mask” figurines.

Use your home as a source of hope. Even though we’re confined in our own homes, it doesn’t mean that we can’t be instrumental in spreading positivity, especially during this year’s holiday season. If there’s a worthwhile trend that must be on the spotlight, it’s making your home itself the source of much-needed hope. For instance, you can use your Christmas light installation to spell out awe-inspiring messages like “Together apart” and more.

Bake and dole out goodies. In relation to spreading the spirit of Christmas, use this time to bake sweet treats and use it as part of your dining table display. You can also send a box of goodies to your loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

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