Riverside Restaurants and Bars – How to Find the Best Ones in Montreal?

Visiting a riverside restaurant and bar can make your entire day by uplifting your spirits and freshening you up like nothing else. Whether it’s been a hectic day at work or you don’t have enough time to go out on a vacation with your family and friends, riverside restaurants and bars like the Riverside bar terrasse pub in Montreal can offer you the peace and fun that you deserve. It’s one of the best places where you can spend quality time with your loved ones. Some of the wonderful ways in which they will keep you entertained are listed below.

So, let’s dig in and explore everything about this restaurant before you can pay a visit. 

1. They Have Indoor and Outdoor Space, Both 

Staff at the Riverside bar understands that everybody has a different taste. Which is why they have outdoor seating arrangement for people who would like to have a scenic treat while enjoying their meals and a cozier indoor arrangement for people who would want a much confined and cozy dining experience. 

2. They are Pet Friendly 

It’s quite troublesome to leave pets behind when the entire family is going out for a meal. And this restaurant is one of the very few places in entire Montreal who’ll welcome your pets with open arms. You can have your furry friend enjoying around while you have a fine dining experience. 

3. They are an Entertainment Hub

The Riverside Bar isn’t just popular for being a pet friendly restaurant, it offers many other entertainment options that’ll blow your mind. 

  • Their terrace offers a breathtaking view of the St. Henri Canal. 
  • They have a volleyball and basketball court that you’ll love. 
  • They have fun music going on that’ll keep you hooked for as long as you’re there.

4. They are a Paradise for Foodies and Beer Lovers 

Fruit bear, fresh brewed beer, domestic beer, imported beer – you name it and they have it. You like shrimps, rolls, veggie salads, or anything else on their excellent food menu, they’ll surprise you with the freshness and taste that’ll linger for hours. 

The best thing, you’ll be able to locate them easily and they are well connected by road so that you can take public transport and still find them easily. 
To sum up, you’ll have the best time of your life at such welcoming places that’ll make you want to revisit them and attend their events again and again.

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