2019 Granny Flat Design Trends

Granny flats have been on the rise in a big way in the last 12 months. What started as a nice idea to have your elderly parents or relatives move closer to the home, has been captured by the tiny house revolutionaries who are doing some incredible things with these minimalist properties. Historically these buildings were designed with purely functionality in mind, but today we are seeing more and more new exciting designs for granny flats, as well as an increase in the number of custom home builders who are helping people realize their granny flat dreams.

Open Plan

Open plan living is an increasingly popular concept over the last few years and this has been translated into granny flats. This may sound surprising due to the size limitation of granny flats, but many savvy people are beginning to find new ways and designs by which they can place emphasis on the minimalist living that these properties provide, while still encompassing an open plan design. Beds which hideaway in walls, pop up counter tops and tables plus steps doubling as chairs are all just some of the ideas which have helped many to create a small, but spacious open plan granny flat.

The Great Outdoors

Another feature we have seen a lot of this year is the incorporation of an outdoor area with the granny flat design. This usually includes additional roofing along with a deck which not only adds additional space to the property, but also adds some extra value to the property. In some cases, individuals have also opted for using glass in the design, which has allowed for the flat to look like it seamlessly flows to the outdoors.

Scandinavian Look

The Scandinavian design incorporates soft wooden features with smooth lines and contours throughout the property and has recently become an increasingly popular design option. This design gives the effect of a more sleek and spacious property and it adds a real comfort and homely feel to the granny flat. This look combines the style and simplicity of a sauna, with the sleek feel of a cabin hideaway.

Japanese Touches

Japanese design is the benchmark for minimalism, and it should come as no surprise that many granny flat designers have looked to this theme for their own minimalist property. A granny flat featuring this design ensures that the home is functional, comfortable and extremely stylish, whilst playing cleverly with the space that is afforded to them inside. Low seating and tables open up the volume of the room and the incorporation of sliding doors and cleverly placed screens ensure that the granny flat gives that feeling of cosiness, without feeling too cramped.


Retro chic is starting to make a resurgence in the design of granny flats. Bold colours and playful furniture gives the flat a real sense of character and fun. Lava lamps, chequerboard patterns and glossy plastic finish this design off and help to create a space with a relaxed and comfortable vibe.

In 2020 we can expect to see granny flats push the limits even further in terms of designs, creating even more beautiful and flexible living opportunities. Be sure to keep an eye out for new tips and trends in the coming year.

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