Comparing Melbourne Residential Colleges

When it comes to residential colleges, Melbourne offers some of the best in the country and for any student who wishes to study here there are more than 10 residential colleges to choose from. When it comes to making that choice there is a great amount to consider such as what experience you are after and what value you are looking to get from your education. Melbourne is a great city to live in and offers students a host of benefits. In terms of the colleges themselves, there are a few factors that separates them and it is important that you are aware of what those differences are, and how that fits in with what you are looking to get out of your education here. Let’s take a look at the key differences here in Melbourne, to help you in choosing the right college.

Number of Students

The volume of students across the residential colleges here vary greatly with some colleges only having space for around 50 students, and others with up to 400 undergraduates. In most cases this is dictated by the size of the campus itself but not in all cases and some of the colleges here with low student numbers, have a sizable college and prefer to keep student numbers down to give a higher level of focus and comfort for the students.

Cultural Activities

Each college offers something a little different when it comes to ear curricular activities. For example there are some colleges with a vibrant debate society, some offer dance clubs, others will have drama clubs which you can join. There is some crossover between colleges and these can often form the basis of friendly competition between colleges. The key will be to gain an understanding of what is on offer at each, and then decide whether or not those extra activities suit what you are looking for.

Faculty Support

Most residential colleges will have their own faculty designated to it and this is your support network for whatever issues you may have during your college years. Many students struggle to adapt to a residential college lifestyle and that is why it is so important that the college you choose has the support that you require and a faculty with a reputation of being approachable and helpful.

Approach to Student Life

Another key difference in the residential colleges here is the student life and the approach by the college to what they expect from students. Some colleges here allow much more autonomy for their students, allowing them to manage their own time and living areas, others seek a more community approach where students are managed and encouraged to do things as a student body rather than on an individual basis.


Prices also vary greatly between the colleges here in Melbourne with some rooms costing $300 per week and others costing up to $700 per week. The difference in price comes down to the size of the college and the facilities which it can offer, the standard of the education which students receive and the prestigious reputation which a college has. Price doesn’t always indicate the quality of student life, but it is of course an important factor to consider.

Which will be the residential college of your choice here in Melbourne?

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