4 important rideshare safety tips to remember before your next ride


Although ridesharing drivers are carefully monitored and safety checks are performed before they’re approved to drive, it’s important for riders to take precaution and ride safely.

To help, the team at WeDrive has put together some safety tips for riders.

Request your ride while indoors

Rather than lingering outside too long while waiting for your driver to arrive, if possible stay indoors, particularly at night, and wait for them by watching their location via the app.

This will help you avoid being distracted and looking down at your phone in open surroundings.

Share your trip

If you’re unaware of your surroundings and are travelling alone, many ridesharing services now allow you to share your trip with others. This feature makes it very easy for loved ones to know your whereabouts in real time.

The person you share your trip with will simply receive a notification and they can then follow your location.

Confirm your driver before getting into the car

Instead of seeing a car approach and instantly getting into the vehicle, confirm the driver’s name and check their licence plate beforehand.

There have previously been reported cases of people posing as rideshare drivers, so it’s important to confirm their details first.

Not only is this an effective safety measure, it also lowers your chance of accidentally taking someone else’s ride if you’re being picked up in a popular area.

Give feedback and check your driver’s rating

Before your driver arrives, check their rating via the app or comments left from other riders. Although ridesharing services monitor their drivers very carefully, it can bring peace of mind if you’re aware of your driver’s trip history.

Providing feedback is also a great way to tell future riders of your experience.

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