5 Peculiar Facts You Didn’t Know About Cannabidiol

There’s no doubt that CBD, aka Cannabidiol, has officially earned its spot as the cool kid of the modern-day wellness scene. But how do you pronounce Cannabidiol? What makes it so unique? These are some questions you’d want to answer before using this compound. 

CBD is one of the main cannabinoids you can find in cannabis and hemp plants. The other prominent cannabinoid named tetrahydrocannabinol, aka THC, is famous for medicinal and therapeutic applications. However, CBD is not psychoactive as THC, so there is no ‘high’.

As there is no high, users can reap all the benefits without impairment and little to no chance of side effects. That’s why CBD is becoming an increasingly popular therapy for many conditions, such as fibromyalgia, epilepsy, arthritis, and even cancer. There’s probably a lot you don’t know about CBD. So here are five peculiar facts about CBD as well as its medical potential.

Nearly 113 Cannabinoids Are Found In Cannabis/Hemp Plants

When people think of cannabis and hemp plants, they usually think of CBD and THC. However, these plants have more than 113 cannabinoids, but they don’t receive much attention because THC and CBD are highly popular. That’s why most growers, when breeding new strains and selecting plants primarily focus on the CBD and THC content.

CBD Help Cancer Patients Manage Symptoms

CBD offers some promising results in cancer patients. Certain studies have stated that cannabinoids, including CBD, actually help to slow the growth of tumors. There has not been any clinical trial with cancer patients, but plenty of cancer patients have claimed that using CBD oil helped them beat cancer. Another way of achieving this is through cell death. Cannabinoids trigger programmed cell death, thus inhibiting the growth of cancer. 

CBD Can Be Used In Children and Pets

You might not know that you could give your furry pet CBD, did you? CBD is available for pets who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, or appetite problems. They’re tasty, and your pet will love that yummy steak flavor. Pet owners prefer CBD oil to bring their pet easy comfort and relief from conditions like arthritis. 

Furthermore, you can also give CBD to your children. It is an effective treatment for ADHD instead of giving stimulants to your child. Many parents have also found CBD to effectively manage hyperactive children and those with focus or concentration issues.

CBD Can Be Used To Fight Addiction

Many anecdotal shreds of evidence state that cannabis, primarily CBD, can be used to combat addiction. Many patients choose cannabis over their prescription pills. According to the National Institutes of Health showed that addicts’ cravings usually went down after being given CBD.

Insomnia Can Be Treated With CBD

CBD can help treat anxiety, which is often a root cause of insomnia. It can also help reduce heart rate and blood pressure and promote an elevated mood and a more relaxed state to allow the body to fall asleep faster.

Cannabidiol is popular among people as CBD because of its complicated pronunciation (Learn here “how do you pronounce Cannabidiol?”). It is growing in popularity, and you can expect to see more amazing benefits explored in the future as a lot of money and effort go into CBD studies. 

With CBD’s legal status solidified, it’s not much more comfortable to study its effects and perform clinical trials without the threats of government interference. Who knows what we will find in the next five years or even the next year?

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