5 Reasons to Book a Harbour Cruise for Your Next Special Occasion

A cruise on the Sydney Harbour is an incredible thing to do, no matter what kind of occasion it is that you’re celebrating! You can host a range of different exciting events with the Sydney Harbour as your backdrop, whether it’s a birthday celebration, wedding receptions, hens or bucks night, Australia day bash or just a good old don’t-need-a-reason party, the water is the place to do it! Wondering just what the benefits are of leaving dry land and hopping aboard for the perfect party? Read on to find out 5 reasons to book that vessel today…

  1. The scenery

This is an obvious one, and probably the most compelling point on this list, because how could it not be? Drifting serenely along the Harbour with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Kirribilli all surrounding you really is spectacular. The sparkling water, open sky and energy coming from the city will just charge your party with the best vibe possible. Plus, the pictures that everyone will get are just going to be out of this world!

  1. It’s a package expense

A huge benefit of a Sydney Harbour cruise is that it’s a package expense that accounts for a lot of the money you’re going to be spending on the day. This means that you’re going to have a clear idea of your remaining budget and determine what to do with it from there. Ferries are really an upfront cost that doesn’t ask for more and more as your planning progresses, so this is a massive tick in the eyes of a savvy party planner who’s looking for a simple yet effective process.

  1. Minimise the time you spend party planning

As stated above, because your cruise will be a package expense, you’re going to be spending minimal time on the menial aspects of your event planning. The right cruise provider will be able to offer you a few add on perks to make putting together your celebration even easier. Ask about your options for themed decorations, catering, bar service, DJ, BYO and even technology needed for making speeches or other playing party games. Whatever type of party you’re planning, this point is another big pro when you’re hunting for the right venue for you.

  1. Ultimate convenience

Your party will have a designated time, capacity, pick up/drop off spot and general theme (aka the harbour) – as soon as you book your date! The convenience that cruises offer is just crazy in comparison to all the fuss you encounter when trying to book a restaurant or event venue. Ask for recommendations from your guest list when choosing a pickup and drop off spot. You can even organise for a little photoshoot and canapes before you get on your ferry. Be dropped off near your favourite bars to keep the party going after hours or organise docking time outside of rush hour so guests can travel home with total easy.

  1. You’re going to throw an event that no one will forget

Your special occasion will be made all the more special by throwing it in one of the most iconic, unforgettable settings ever. It’s so easy to forget all that this city has to offer, and by floating out on the harbour you’re really going to well-up with joy and appreciation for our jaw-droppingly beautiful natural surroundings and architectural landmarks. Whether you choose to capture on film, snap photos or just remember it as it was, you’re guaranteed to look back with some major appreciation after your event takes place – even if it’s just a party thrown for no reason!

Check out your options for all occasion cruises in Sydney to start your party planning process today. Be sure to nail down your budget and guest list early on so that you can get to finalising your dates, times and docking spots as soon as possible.




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