5 Recession-Proof Business Ideas Anyone Can Start Today

October 2019 marked the month when a respiratory disease named Covid-19 wreaked global havoc. From businesses collapsing to staff being laid off, the world has never experienced an economic tragedy like this one. But with a tragedy comes a silver lining. By now, people have already known that such a thing can happen at any time. The only way to ensure they do not get affected is by shifting to recession-proof businesses.

What is a recession-proof business?

It is a type of business that can survive and thrive despite an economic crisis. Running such a business requires a top-notch strategy that involves creativity, versatility and fast-moving goods and services. It also encompasses great internet usage for marketing purposes and the creation of awareness.

Here are some great examples:

1. Online cooking tutorials

Food is a basic need that everyone requires to survive, and it is only logical that people will love to test their cooking skills and try out new dishes. If you are an expert at culinary, now is the right time to share your recipes with other people through the internet. It starts with creating a YouTube channel or Facebook page, then recruiting culinary enthusiasts to like or follow your page. Now that the Covid-19 vaccine is out and physical locations are reopening, you can rent a room where you can teach people how to prepare exotic dishes.

2. Business consultancy

From digital advertising to health and fitness, offering business consultancy services allows you to offer expert opinions on diverse issues.  Clients will approach you for expert insights depending on their business niches. In addition, you can take advantage of online platforms like Zoom and Skype to link up with your clients.

One of the hacks of becoming a successful consultant right now is using COVID-19 statistical information to your advantage. Find out how the pandemic is making entrepreneurs more sufficient. Encourage your clients to upgrade their technologies and adopt remote working practices to improve their business processes. You can also show them how to maneuver their way to the new paradigm shift.

3. Personal training

If there is anything that the stay-at-home policy has created is opportunistic health issues. Studies suggest that people who were laid off or closed the business due to the pandemic have been affected by mental illnesses. In addition, the constant worry about whether they will cope with the changes has introduced unhealthy lifestyle habits like alcohol binge drinking and zero exercises. The two lifestyle habits are breeding grounds for health problems.

Being a health and fitness expert allows you to instill hope in people who seem to have given up in life. You can start by creating awareness through blogs or articles. Then, go a notch higher by filming your workout routine. Finally, set up a Facebook page or Instagram and share your health and fitness goals with your audience.

4. Cleaning services

One of the best ways of containing the virus spread is hygiene. Everyone is required to wash or sanitize their hands every time they enter or leave a building. Moreover, businesses are looking for professional cleaning services to sanitize their spaces. Considering the rise in demand for this type of service, now is the perfect time to start your cleaning company. You can also source disinfectants and sanitizers from manufacturing companies and sell them to people who need them.

5. Courier service and shipping label customization

Online buyers and sellers rely on courier companies to receive and ship orders. The economy can hardly survive without courier service. Whether you need to deliver a time-demanding product or organize transportation for customers, setting up a courier company can help you succeed. Additionally, delivery service works hand-in-hand with packaging. Now is the right time to expand your ecommerce skills through customized shipping labels.

Nothing is more satisfying than knowing your business will survive even when an economic crisis strikes. You rely on your business to survive, so that means adapting to the times is necessary. Adopting a recession-proof business assures you of money trickling and expands your knowledge when such a crisis occurs. It starts with sourcing for capital, perfecting your skills depending on your interest, and using online platforms to market your business. The sooner you embrace these strategies, the higher your chances of surviving even the harshest economic times.

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