5 Ways Custom Lanyards Can Benefit your Business

Lanyards are a fantastic means of increasing the overall security and organisational standards of your business. Plastic identity cards are such an amazing asset to implement into any professional environment, however, once you introduce the right ID card accessory into the mix, their benefits are enhanced to no end! Lanyards are the preferred identity card accessory for businesses who are looking to introduce a cohesive, flexible identity card scanning system and for companies that want to fortify their brand image. If you’re hoping to benefit your safety standards, security system and strengthen your company’s professionalism, then there’s no better way to go about it than investing in custom lanyards. Custom lanyards are tailored to promote and reflect your unique brand. These are an incredibly exciting investment that requires a bit of thought and design, so you want to be sure that they are going to work for you! If you’re curious as to the benefits that custom lanyards can give you to veer you away from the plainer alternative, then read on!


Creating a cohesive, professional image is so important in the contemporary working environment! More and more workplaces and offices are choosing to evolve with the times and opt for a more casual atmosphere, which includes staff clothing – now, this is fantastic, however, can leave your environment wanting in the realm of professionalism. Custom lanyards will immediately tie your team together, constructing a visual cohesiveness that’s obvious as soon as you step into your workplace. These can be as personalised or generalised as you like, anything that’s reflective of your company is going to increase the professional image ten fold right away. This is a benefit you can see and enjoy immediately, which is always great after you’ve made an investment.

New Talent

Great employees are hard to come by, but who’d have thought that custom lanyards can help you to secure the right kind of talent for your workplace? That’s right! Your personalised lanyards can put your name out there and attract new, interesting individuals to your company. This might be due to connections made at events (more on that later), meetings or just from the right kind of people seeing your staff interact when they’re out and about. Such individuals might reach out to you or associate your company’s name positively when they see a job opening, and they might not have otherwise – all thanks to lanyards!


An operational and enjoyable environment does not happen on its own, it’s a result of a comfortable, supportive atmosphere amongst your team. Ordering custom lanyards might not be the first thing you come up with when you’re conjuring up a plan to boost morale or strengthen the professional relationships amidst your team, but they can actually really help to fortify the interactions in the office. On a subconscious level, these will create a feeling of togetherness and collaboration that is essential for any team to work properly. On the visible side of things, having identities on display helps everyone to stay on top of who’s who and exactly what they do!


If your office frequently heads to industry events, presents at networking occasions or just goes after a lot of new business, then you need to start using  B2B Platforms customised lanyards. These will leave a lasting impression in the minds of anyone you want to make meaningful, prosperous connections. You can also gift these in place of a business card, yet another way of making you and your company stand out amongst the crowd! Order a few extra to always stay stocked when networking.


Finally, safety! Your company’s security is just imperative no matter what it is you make, do or work on in there. Custom lanyards take the benefits of plain lanyards and elevate them, making anyone who’s not supposed to be in your building or office recognisable right away. A custom lanyard cannot be replicated and therefore your environment is safer for having them, not to mention more cohesive, professional and stocked full of amazing talent!

Get speaking to a custom lanyards provider to enjoy these benefits, and more!

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