Tips for Creating a Wedding Registry and How to Go About It

After saying “yes!” to your future husband, your wedding’s to-do list seems to grow by the day. While you are still feeling giddy and celebratory with your engagement, one of the tasks you need to do as you count the days to your wedding is to set up your wedding registry. Filling your home with things by using cash gifts from your well-wishers is one exciting part of getting married.

The gift card registry signifies a new beginning of your married life. However, determining when to register can be confusing, especially if you have a long timeline of events on hand. Fortunately, here are some tips to help you with this:

Make an Early Start

If you are planning an engagement party or someone is throwing one for both of you, it is essential to have a gift card registry before the event. It is socially acceptable to register, leading to the time of your engagement. By doing this, people will no longer worry about what item you want to receive in any of your pre-wedding celebrations. Even if you convey a no-gift message before your engagement celebration, many still choose to give gifts and be part of your milestone. If you do not register before the event, you may find yourself receiving lots of things that you do not need.

One thing to remember; while it is customary to give gifts on engagement parties, it is not mandatory. Being registered does not mean that your engagement party guests must gift money to your registry; you are only giving them an option.

Follow a Timeline

Most experts suggest that the ideal time to create a gift registry is 7 to 9 months before the big day. Concerning the general etiquette guidelines, it implies that any pre-wedding activities will transpire within this timeframe. If your wedding registry is ready, then cash giving and receiving will be smooth-sailing.

Consider Your Needs

If you are already living together with your future spouse and have started filling your house with stuff, you may not need those monogram towels or additional household items anymore. Your guests want to give you things that are useful to you so that a gift registry can be a lifesaver for everyone.

On your part, it will be much easier to buy things that you need using your registry card. Take into consideration your daily needs, or some plans such as a car, a new baby, travelling, etc.

Inform Your Guests

Generally, it is improper for the bride and groom to ask for any wedding gifts directly. Think of ways to tell people about the registry. Word of mouth is one way to spread the message. Do not add any registry information on your wedding invitations. Alternately, you can list your registry info on your bridal shower and engagement celebration invites. It is because these people will typically host these parties; hence, they are the ones who will also send the invitations. Also, your registry website is another place to share it with other people.

Your wedding is approaching, but even though you and your partner are the most important people on that day, your friends and family members also want to have a role in it. They all want to contribute something, and a wedding registry is an effective way of approaching it.

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