6 Signs of Protein Deficiency in Your Body

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The human body is made up of water, fat and protein. Protein is the vital component of bones, muscles, skin, organs and nails, plus plays a vital role in the functioning of a human body. Protein deficiency can make your body suffer.

Now the main question is to know whether you have a protein deficiency or not. Read on to know about the signs and symptoms of protein deficiency

Skin, Nails and Hair Problems

A protein deficiency can make your nails brittle, weak and can also cause brownish spots or white bands on the nails. It also impacts the skin as well and makes it dry, cracked and flaky. Protein is responsible for the skin elasticity, production of new cells and replacement of the dead ones.

Do you know the human hair is made up of 90% of Keratin protein? Yes! And lack of nutrients can make your hair fade in color and thin. This is because the body doesn’t use it for hair growth in an effort to preserve it.

Loss of muscle mass and joint pain 

Protein is essential for the growth and maintenance of muscles. If you are dealing with muscle pain, muscle weakness and loss of mass that means your body is not getting enough protein. According to a study, it is usually found in elderly people. However, they can consider taking whey protein powder. For best whey protein powder make sure to look for the reliable online source, so that you don’t have to pay higher than the actual whey protein price in India.

Fatty liver

One of the most common symptoms of protein deficiency is a fatty liver. It can turn into disease and cause liver scarring, inflammation and potential liver failure, if left untreated.

Food cravings

Cravings are one of the major reasons why people sabotage their weight loss journey. If you often find yourself hungry and craving for specific foods or snacks; low protein, high sugar and carb diet may be the reason behind it.  In order to prevent these unhealthy food cravings, drink a large glass of water whenever you crave for a specific food, eat high-protein breakfast, plan your meals, get enough sleep, eat proper meals and avoid getting extremely hungry.

Sleep Issues  

If you face trouble in sleeping or suffer sleep deprivation, it may be due to the low protein intake in your diet. Protein act as a building block for an amino acid called tryptophan that helps in drowsiness. So, make sure you eat protein-rich rich food to get better sleep at night.

Increased risk of bone fractures

Protein is necessary for calcium absorption and to help with bone metabolism. Low protein intake can affect the bones and can make them weak, hence increasing the risk of bone fractures.

Brain fog

For a healthy brain function, it is very important that you get a proper protein in your diet. If you experience poor memory, lack of motivation or trouble learning anything new, it means you are protein deficient.

Therefore, don’t forget to have the required amount of protein in your diet. Stay happy and Healthy!

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