6 Ways Electric Fireplaces Can Help Improve A Room’s Ambiance

We’re all familiar with movie scenes depicting people snuggled up to a fire, having a blast while enjoying the crackling flames. But the reality is that not all houses are equipped with fireplaces, and some families don’t have the budget to install and maintain such a feature in their house.

Wall mounted electric fires are a great alternative to real fireplaces and some might say you get more bang for your buck with a wall mounted electric fire compared to a real working fireplace.

Here are 6 ways electric fireplaces can help improve a room’s ambiance:

1. No extra equipment needed and no cleanup either

A room’s overall ambiance is heavily affected as it’s cluttered with items. A real fireplace requires a stock of wood at the ready which means you will have to make room for a pile of logs or twigs in your room. There’s also dust, ash, and soot to deal with when you use a real fireplace. If you want to avoid messy scenarios or difficult cleaning operations in your room, keep the ambiance clean and relaxing by going for wall mounted electric fires.

2. Affordable and adjustable temperature

Sometimes, the temperature can rise or drop drastically during the night. You can maintain a warm and toasty ambiance in your room simply by adjusting the temperature on your wall mounted electric fire. It’s easier and faster compared to feeding wood in a fireplace. Plus, new technology used for electric fireplaces makes them energy efficient meaning you save a lot on your budget.

3. You can choose from different designs

You can get a wall mounted electric fire that goes hand in hand with the look of your room. There are electric fires that feature a log effect, while others even have color-changing options available for customers. With changing lights, you can add drama to your room and bring a burst of energy when you’re entertaining, or get a serene feel with soft hues at the end of a long and stressful day. Aside from virtual logs, you can also get designs that include crystals and pebbles.

4. No home alterations needed

Unlike a real fireplace where you will drastically change the structure of your room, wall mounted electric fires only need to be plugged in and they’re ready to go. This means that the aesthetic of your living space is maintained and the overall ambiance of your house is not disturbed. You don’t have to move furniture about to make room for the fireplace and the chimney.

5. It can go in any room in the house

Another benefit of the wall mounted electric fire is that it can be installed in any room in your house. This means that any bedroom, sitting room, or bathroom can benefit from the soothing effects of dancing flames. The sleek glass is durable and safe so there are no worries if your room sees a lot of footprint or barely any activity.

6. You have the option of a mantel

You can order a wall mounted electric fire complete with an accompanying mantel so you can sit right up to the flames without worrying about being burned. This extra space is also perfect for cute keepsakes and treasured items as well as wellness products like chimes and healing stones.

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