Black Pearls – How to Wear These and Look Stylish

Pearl lovers, who have a liking for the exotic, mostly gravitate towards the alluring black pearl. Black pearl has its own charm and mysterious appeal as opposed to the classic beauty of white and cream cousins. If you are one of those who has been captivated by its mesmerizing beauty, then this article will provide you some useful ways to wear them.

About black pearl jewelry

Black pearls are a symbol of real beauty. These pearls signify a significant and valuable addition to an existing jewelry collection. All black colored pearls come in various sizes, shape, and colors. They can be natural or dyed. The true worth of a black pearl depends on its luster, roundness, size, color, surface quality, and thickness of nacre.

What are the different types of black colored pearls?

You would get these pearls in three different types:

  • Freshwater black pearls,
  • Akoya black pearls, and
  • Tahitian black pearls

Where and how should a black pearl be worn?

There is no doubt in saying that black pearls are a stunning pearl jewelry choice that is ideal to be worn during night or day events.

  • At the office, during day time, you can choose a pendant made of black pearl. Pair it up with black pearl earrings. This combination will look mesmerizing. Amaze everyone by wearing this combination on any pantsuit.
  • It is advised not to wear black pearl bracelets at the workplace as it will lead to discomfort while you take notes or type on the laptop.
  • A gorgeous necklace of pearl looks best when worn on a black dress. It is the best way to dress for a formal event.
  • Black pearls go pretty well on jeans, pleated skirts and casual blazers. Pairing it with pearl earrings gives you a casual and stylish outfit.
  • Out of the different shades of black colored pearl, pick the one that complements your skin complexion. Also, take clothing colors into consideration when choosing a specific color of black pearl.


Hope this article helped you learn the right way to incorporate stylish black colored pearls into your outfit to make you look even more appealing.

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