How To Identify The Best Coworking Space In NYC

While NYC is very densely packed, there is a lot of area to cover, and finding a coworking space worth its salt takes effort. More than just being a trend, the coworking industry in NYC has exploded to the point that finding space in one of the most international national cities could take months. Furthermore, finding a space that suits your business is completely impossible, that is without a plan.

Turn that image of your comfortable coworking space that sits in one of the NYC’s coolest neighbourhoods into reality by simply getting out there and looking at spaces – all of them. You would be amazed to find the diversity in the types of spaces from one coworking space in NYC – Servcorp US – to any one of the spaces dotting Soho, Greenwich Green, Brooklyn, and the list goes on. Finding the best one in a sea of uber-trendy, sophisticated, and hip enclaves will not require a tour guide, even though you might need a well-thought-out plan.

Let’s take a closer look at how to best identify your NYC coworking space.

Take Inventory

In the city that pretty much has just about anything anyone needs, NYC can also fit out your business needs with office space bespoke to your plan. The only thing is that you have to know yourself what your business needs are. Yes, sure, any coworking space can provide businesses with the basics and a few amenities, but for your business to leverage this environment finding a space that can cater to your business’s needs is so much better. Before you start your search, take a few minutes to see what your own business needs are.

Look At Location

There is no point in taking the subway across town unnecessarily. If you want to narrow down your search, consider looking at spaces that are in the vicinity. While working in highly visible places might introduce you to a different clientele, travelling sometimes a few hours to work does not make sense in terms of productivity or efficiency. Moreover, working in a high-profile address, for example, 1 WTC, is great for your image, but unless you are a financier or in finance in any way travelling excessive miles might be counterproductive.

Consider Public Coworking Space

If you are not too sure about coworking in general, consider taking a test run of the free coworking spaces around the city. These offices are usually in public spaces that provide professionals with the very basic necessities to work. There are about 11 of these spaces, and they can be found in lounges and lobbies in areas close to the financial district. Many of these spaces provide electrical outlets and have Wi-Fi, but that is about it. Take a day and work in one of the spaces to get an idea of how coworking can work for your business.

Look For Online Communities

Go online and visit the numerous websites that navigate users to coworking spaces around the city. There are also online spaces, but they can also give you some direction in terms of good spaces to at least check out before committing to one. The internet is probably the best way to go before actually setting out on foot to find your space.

Finding Your Workflow

All coworking spaces are not the same. While the format might be similar, the spaces are actually more like communities that define themselves. Finding workspace in a place where coworking identity really can be a force in helping a business do well is important. For this reason, finding your workflow also translates into finding a bespoke workspace that fits your needs.


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